Best Lead Generation Tools – Top 28

Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation is the process of appealing to and engaging your target audience to the point that they want to give you their information. After that, your sales and marketing teams can develop relationships with these leads. You may convert leads into loyal clients if you provide actual value, assist them in overcoming problems, and demonstrate how your company can assist them.

Lead generation tools can help you generate high-quality leads, but you’ll need to invest in automated lead production software to do it at scale. This is how you can reduce manual labour. Depending on the use case, lead-generating technologies can be utilized for both inbound and outbound sales. Because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we’ve divided them by use case below for easy access.

Best Lead Generation Tools

1. Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder is a sophisticated solution that assists businesses in understanding and engaging with firms that visit their website in real time. You can follow their behaviour, acquire insights into their interests, and utilize that data to optimize your website for better engagement and conversions with Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder is ideal for generating B2B leads. It can be used to convert inactive website visitors into active sales leads. However, it works best if your operations are centred on an account-based strategy.

The platform includes live visitor tracking, versatile filtering, automatic lead scoring, powerful contact insight, email marketing integrations, website form tracking, and real-time notifications, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking to improve the performance of their website.

2. Klaviyo:

Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing company. It offers segmentation, lead-generation automation, and analytics features. Customizable templates, A/B testing, and automated processes are among Klaviyo’s email marketing possibilities. These email automation series are ideal for e-commerce, particularly if you want to decrease cart abandonment. Businesses can also analyze income and ROI for each campaign using Klaviyo, making it easy to assess the performance of their marketing efforts.

Klaviyo is ideal for e-commerce firms aiming to enhance income by automating email and SMS lead nurturing procedures. Its e-commerce interfaces enable companies to track customer activity, such as purchases and product views, and utilize that information to develop customized ads. Combining Klaviyo with technologies like Wisepops allows you to create remarkable automated onsite and off-site marketing automation flows.

 3. D & B Hoovers:

D & B Hoovers is a platform for sales acceleration that assists organizations in leveraging data and analytics to generate lists and engage with prospects more quickly. Informed interactions, automated process tools, real-time notifications, and individualized buyer intent data are among the features.

With sophisticated B2B sales analytics at your fingertips, it’s easier to approach the right buyers and engage in relevant discussions to close deals. D&B Hoovers combines deep, detailed company and contact data with straightforward software to assist sales teams in identifying revenue opportunities, planning account strategies, and spending more time closing. D&B Hoovers integrates effortlessly with Salesforce, providing a constant supply of actionable data that helps your Salesforce instance become a more powerful B2B sales resource and allows your teams to focus on closing more transactions rather than seeking contact information.

4. Overloop:

Overloop comes with everything you need to launch a multi-channel outbound campaign. Their list-building and contact management features include a Chrome extension, an email finder, the ability to import contacts from LinkedIn, CSV import, custom fields, and contact management.

Overloop provides multi-channel campaigns, personalized cold emails at scale, LinkedIn automation, templates and variables for personalized messages, email thread capacity, and email monitoring regarding outbound features (their bread and butter). Overloop also improves sales productivity and provides sophisticated reporting. To learn more about those capabilities, visit their website.


We all know that social media platforms govern the world, and Skrapp is no exception. Skrapp, or, is a tool for locating someone’s LinkedIn email address. Skrapp’s Chrome Extension displays a “Find Email” button on a person’s LinkedIn profile when enabled. Skrapp will look for that person’s email address when you click this button.

Qualitative data will boost your prospecting pipeline. LinkedIn and Sales Navigator are great places to find verified email addresses. Discover vital company information, workers, and emails directly from websites. Access to millions of up-to-date company data and professional email addresses will help you enrich your email lists. Create segmented email lists with a high deliverability rate and relevant company information for targeted promotions.

6. Boomerang for Gmail:

Boomerang is a Gmail plugin for email scheduling. When you don’t get a response from the person you messaged, returning emails to your inbox can be helpful. If the recipient does not react within two days, you can return the email to your inbox. This helps the company when following up with prospects.

With Boomerang, you may create an email now and schedule it to be sent at the optimal time later. Type your messages as usual, and then click the Send Later option. Use our convenient calendar selector or text box that understands phrases like “next Monday” to tell Boomerang when to deliver your message. We’ll proceed from there. Using Boomerang, you can keep communications out of your inbox until you need them. When an email opens, click the Boomerang button and select when you need it again. Boomerang will archive your message. We’ll return it to your inbox when you specify, mark unread, star, or even at the top of your message list.

7. is another lead generation software worth mentioning. It is an email lookup and finder tool. However, it does more than email lookup for lead generation. You can use this application to launch drip campaigns, track sent emails, find and verify emails, and manage prospects using its CRM. is a multipurpose application that collects emails from a company’s website, retrieves emails based on personal and domain names, locates emails on Google and LinkedIn, and much more. Through automated outreach and lead research, the B2B lead creation platform also aids in lead nurturing. is the most comprehensive prospecting and cold outreach platform. It expedites the process and converts potential future revenue into actual present revenue.

8. Sumo:

Sumo is a popular website tool for listing, building, and harvesting email addresses. Popups, slide-in popups, and welcome mats (a full-page popup email opt-in) are all available through the program. Furthermore, the application provides a floating social share button on your site and heat maps to determine where your visitors are clicking. The tool is free to use (but Sumo branding shows on popup popups and the social sharing bar).

Sumo is a cloud-based email capture solution that helps improve website traffic and subscriber list growth by utilizing email opt-in forms. Among the features are A/B testing, visitor targeting, customizable branding, and social media sharing. The application contains a list builder module that allows marketers to create popup popups and schedule them to appear before visitors depart. Popups can be adjusted depending on the background colour, typeface, button design, and other factors.

9. LeadQuizzes:

LeadQuizzes is a lead-generation program. The goal is met by holding quizzes that increase consumer engagement, drive more sales, and increase conversions. Create an intriguing quiz with an eye-catching image and an appealing call-to-action with the quiz builder. The URL redirect option allows you to route participants to your sales page based on their results. To generate new leads, you may tailor your lead capture form so that quiz takers leave their contact information to obtain the results. To increase traffic, use the service’s embed code to display your quiz on your blog entries. Provide a particular discount or incentive to your participants; once they finish a quiz, direct them to your blog or website.

Create a survey to gather leads and learn more about your target audience. LeadQuizzes has helped clients expand by capturing up to 500% more internet leads. Furthermore, the responses you receive might assist you in better categorizing and understanding your audience.

10. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign, like Mailchimp, is a marketing automation platform that provides many tools for online businesses to manage their automation workflows and client engagement. The primary purpose is to assist businesses in creating tailored client experiences via targeted email campaigns and SMS communications. However, it allows you to create forms and establish automated lead generation and nurturing procedures.

Automation workflows enable you to generate personalized sequences of emails, SMS messages, and other marketing actions based on unique user behaviour. It is an excellent tool for companies that want to produce leads automatically and enhance their sales funnels.

11. Instapage:

Another well-known landing page builder is Instapage, which integrates with well-known email marketing and CRM platforms such as Zapier, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Salesforce. A drag-and-drop landing page builder and A/B testing, lead collection forms, conversion metrics, and heat maps are included. Landing pages should be helpful assets rather than engineering headaches. With the most powerful, user-friendly landing page platform, you can reach new customers and enhance your revenue.

With AI-generated headlines, paragraphs, and CTAs, you can instantly generate content for any audience and ad group. You can create AI directly in the Instapage builder without disrupting your workflow. Launch campaigns more quickly with professionally created landing page layouts to boost conversions for a wide range of industry-specific use cases.

12. ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels is a multipurpose marketing platform that assists firms in automating their marketing activities. Businesses may use ClickFunnels’ advanced features to generate highly targeted and personalized email campaigns. This post will teach you about ClickFunnels email automation. A funnel is a “digital road” that leads your ideal customers to your website and into your online store, where they may pay with their credit cards. We are the first funnel builder and platform built to send visitors to your store from sites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Email marketing, in particular, continues to be one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal. Manually managing email campaigns can be time-consuming and challenging.

ClickFunnels is a multipurpose marketing platform that assists firms in automating their marketing activities. Businesses may use ClickFunnels’ advanced features to generate highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

13. WPForms:

WPForms makes it simple to set up notifications and automatically send emails, including the information a user enters into your WordPress forms. WPForm entries are emailed to the site administrator. If you want to modify that, adjust the form’s alerts and enter a different email address in the Send To Email Address section. WPForms makes it simple to set up notifications and automatically send emails, including the information a user enters into your WordPress forms.

Form alerts are emails sent out automatically when a user fills out a form on your website. These form alerts usually include the information a user gives via your form and can be received by both the site administrator and the user who completed the form. Form alerts are an excellent way to track user contributions and engage with site visitors rapidly.

14. Pardot:

Pardot is a marketing automation technology from SalesForce that provides email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management to B2B sales and marketing firms. Pardot automates basic marketing operations, such as consumer behaviour tracking.

Pardot (now part of Salesforce) may be used to create landing pages, run A/B tests, collect leads, integrate Google Adwords, create email campaigns, and set up email automation. There is no free trial, but you can see a demo by filling out a lead form on Pardot’s website. Pardot enables marketing and sales teams to collaborate to locate and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI. Pardot provides a comprehensive view of your prospects’ life cycles, allowing you to qualify them based on their interactions (scoring) and profile (grading). When utilized correctly, Pardot may assist you in creating an efficient sales pipeline that maximizes interaction while minimizing irrelevant messaging.

15. Adobe Marketo Engage:

Another all-in-one solution is Adobe Marketo Engage, which includes lead management, lead scoring, email marketing, email automation, and analytics. The desired features will strongly influence the cost, and you must contact sales for price details. Adobe Marketo Engage is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It is often known as Marketo Engage or just Marketo.

It enables you to enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue growth by streamlining, automating, and measuring marketing processes and workflows. No, you do not! Marketo Engage is simple to use and will grow alongside you. You can learn everything or use the parts that fit your needs.

16. IFTTT:

IFTTT is an acronym that stands for “If This, Then That.” When another action occurs, the platform can accomplish a defined action. For example, whenever someone publishes in a specific Craigslist category, you can receive an email with that posting in your inbox. This can be useful for businesses that use Craigslist to find leads, such as web design firms.

This free utility is intended to make connecting your apps and devices as simple as possible. With IFTTT, you can handle activities based on multiple triggers, such as receiving an email when someone writes a comment on a specific page.

17. Nimble:

A CRM that focuses on relationships for your entire workforce. It is simple to use and works in your Outlook/Gmail inbox, social media, and the web. Nimble is a simple, innovative CRM that integrates with Office and GSuite to seamlessly consolidate contacts, communication histories, appointments, and email boxes into a single location. Nimble CRM adds social and business data to contacts, improves workflows, and works across all mediums. It is ideal for sales professionals who value relationships, solopreneurs, and business teams.

Nimble assists you in strengthening your relationships with both new and existing clients. By consolidating your contacts and emails, you can keep track of your most essential prospects, automatically sync pertinent social profile data, establish segmented contact groups, and set follow-up reminders. Agile helps you track your outstanding sales projects, manage your team’s deal pipelines, retrieve reports, and pull reports. With the Nimble browser extension, you can access vital insights from social media sites and email apps wherever you interact with customers. Mobile devices are also supported.

18. Pipedrive:

Who wants to improve the efficiency of the sales process? Pipedrive should be on the radar of teams trying to work smarter. It is a customer relationship management application specifically developed to assist sales teams in getting more done. Custom sales funnel construction, activity tracking, BCC email inbox, tracking of email opens and clicks, task automation, revenue forecasting, and (with higher plans) permission tracking and more customizations are all notable features. Leadfeeder interacts with Pipedrive; as a result, you can spend less time navigating between tools and more time working—you know, selling. “Designed to keep you selling,” PipeDrive asserts brazenly. This client relationship management solution was created expressly to assist sales teams in getting more done in less time and with greater efficiency.

Pipedrive is a sales team lead management and CRM software with pipeline management and code-free development. Pipedrive also includes a mobile sales app, making it a potential option for travelling salespeople. Whether your sales team is on the road or in the office, they can communicate with clients via live chat and collect prospect information via web forms and chatbot discussions.


Tawk is a live chat application that works similarly to Intercom. This application is free to implement on your website and includes Tawk branding on the chat widget. You must pay to have the branding removed. It’s simple to set up, and you can track consumer behaviour in real-time. It also allows you to cooperate and assign chats.

Tawk is a live chat application comparable to Drift and Intercom. The program is free and includes Tawk branding on the chat widgets. The web’s currency is access. You must be where your customers are, or your competition will be. Tag and assign conversations to team members to ensure the correct person responds immediately. Seeing the whole journey alongside customer data empowers you to respond contextually and, as a result, create unique and pleasant customer experiences.


If you’re trying to develop freebies to engage your audience on social media, Vyper can help. You can use this tool to create referrals, rewards, royalties, and giveaways. Vyper is a software application for launching viral contests.

While it is easier said than done to make a contest go viral, Vyper allows contest participants to gain more entries by completing additional actions such as filling out a form on your website, following your social networks, or introducing a friend. You may control how many bonus entries each participant receives, increasing the likelihood that your contest will be shared. In the age of social media, a single Tweet can spark a shopping frenzy. VYPER assists you in engaging your audience so that they are motivated to talk about you.

21. Marketo:

Marketo is a marketing automation platform which provides tools for lead creation, lead management, email marketing, and analytics in the cloud. It can track client activity across several channels, including email, social media, and the web. Marketo’s lead management tools enable firms to acquire and qualify leads, track their behaviour, and award engagement scores.

Adobe wanted to create a more comprehensive solution for marketers by merging Marketo’s marketing automation capabilities with Adobe’s content production, data, and analytics technologies. It is ideal for B2B organizations that manage complex sales cycles and multi-touch campaigns.

22. Typeform:

Typeform is an excellent tool for gathering input. When you share your Typeform by email, instead of visiting a link and then starting the Typeform, visitors can answer the first question directly from your email. This makes responders’ lives easier and may help to raise your completion rates. The conversational form design of Typeform makes it an appropriate addition to the best lead generation tools list. This CRO and lead generation tool allows you to design engaging surveys and lead forms to collect visitor information. You can use skip logic and media questions to acquire highly tailored data sets. Furthermore, the detailed shareable reports and integration APIs enable you to make the most of your lead data and channel those insights into your acquisition and retention efforts.

Typeform enables you to design conversational forms and surveys to engage your audience by utilizing bespoke layouts and themes that you can customize to your brand. Various design options are available, as well as built-in photo and video libraries from which to choose visuals. There is no need for coding knowledge.

23. AeroLeads:

AeroLeads makes obtaining prospect contact information more accessible than ever. Sign up, download their Chrome extension, and search LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, and other comparable sites for potential prospects. Their software will look up and locate contact information such as email addresses, firm URLs, job titles, etc. Lead generation systems aid sales teams in creating or identifying sales lead opportunities, collecting contact information, and managing prospects as they progress through the sales funnel. There are two types of lead generation: inbound and outbound, and most software solutions only handle one.

AeroLeads makes identifying your prospects’ contact information easier and develops an email list in real time. After signing up for the service, you may install their Chrome plugin and begin scanning LinkedIn, AngelList, Xing, Crunchbase, and other platforms for prospects’ contact information.

24. Salesforce:

If you work in marketing, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of or worked with Salesforce. It is one of the best tools to improve your lead creation techniques. You may use the cloud-based platform to manage client connections, automate workflows, track sales pipelines, and find sales prospects, among other things. Combining these features with the built-in marketing toolkit gives you a first-rate lead generation and management solution.

You must already be acquainted with Salesforce. You might use it for CRM or analytics. However, did you know they also offer a B2B marketing automation solution to Salesforce customers? Lead generation, custom landing pages, dynamic content, lead capture forms, lead scoring, target messaging, and comprehensive ROI reporting are all components of this marketing automation platform. The most significant disadvantage is its high pricing, which might be prohibitively expensive for small and medium-sized organizations.

25. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has a strong business focus and is popular among executives. This makes it an ideal platform for firms wishing to connect with entrepreneurs and businesses. You’re probably already using LinkedIn for research and prospecting. Sales Navigator enhances the social network with features such as a complete premium profile (social selling), additional InMail messages, lead saving, sophisticated searches, usage reporting, a learning centre, and a relationship manager.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easier to find the right people and businesses. You can also keep track of important leads and company developments. It provides advanced lead suggestions. Because LinkedIn is a professional platform, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ideal for locating highly relevant prospects in your target field. In hours, you may prospect high-quality B2B and B2C prospects for your company. Once you’ve obtained the contacts, you can use the message centre of the program to qualify and add them to your sales pipeline.

26. Zapier:

Zapier is workflow automation software that connects several web apps and automates processes to keep everything up to date. To save time and effort, you can integrate over 3,000 programs and automate joint operations between them. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor for creating bespoke routes that use custom logic, criteria, and filters to manage and nurture leads. Zapier is included in our roundup because it allows you to link multiple company services, including specific lead-generation applications. They offer an OptinMonster lead trigger that makes it incredibly simple to integrate OptinMonster, the world’s #1 conversion software, with the other business services you use.

Everyone is quite busy. Who wants to lessen their workload? That’s why Zapier was created: to automate and transport data between your web apps so you can focus on more critical activities. Zapier functions similarly to IFTTT in that if one action occurs, another is immediately executed. One significant distinction is that Zapier allows you to design more complex actions. For example, when you receive an email, it might be instantly saved to Dropbox, and an alert could be set up on Slack.

27. Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides tools for lead generation and email marketing campaign management. Its user-friendly interface enables customers to develop and track automated lead creation funnels. It also has capabilities like landing pages, social media advertising, and email marketing automation workflows.

Mailchimp will assist you in focusing on your most devoted and valued consumers. Send personalized emails based on their purchasing habits, survey replies, chat engagements, and support queries to foster loyalty and growth. Pre-built journeys can help you cross-sell your products, recover abandoned carts, re-engage existing consumers, and win new ones. Mailchimp is well-known for its low cost and ease of use, making it a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to create unique campaigns without any technical knowledge.

28. HubSpot:

HubSpot is marketing automation software incorporating lead generation, customer relationship management, and sales solutions. Businesses can use it to design focused campaigns, manage leads, and automate key marketing activities such as lead creation. HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of products to assist businesses of all sizes in growing their customer base.

CRM is used to manage all customer interactions. HubSpot is ideal for companies looking for a comprehensive marketing automation solution. It also offers a freemium option, ideal for new websites with low traffic.

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