As a result of COVID 19, there has been an increase in remote work. Zoom, a video conferencing platform has become very popular and is used by many organizations and educational institutes. This year Zoom application has been a hit with its stock price increasing up to 500 per cent. The major reason behind this has been the rise in remote work as a consequence of the Corona Virus.

According to new reports, the company is now looking forward to expand its services beyond video conferences. The company is planning to launch its own email and calendar services. Zoom is currently working on the email service and the company is going to test it in the coming year. However, the calendar application service is not in the making phase right now. It seems to be completed later on. It is not clear right now whether the application is under develpment or not.

The idea of launching email and calendar services is really impressive. For now, the two biggest competitors of Zoom video conferencing app are Google Mail and Microsoft. Both of these competitors offers email and calendar services along with video conferencing to its users. Therefore, it does makes sense if Zoom is working on launching email and calendar app services.

Moreover, according to other information from unknown sources, it can also be concluded that Zoom is also planning to launch full enterprise app suite. But for now it is better to wait for the company’s official announcement related to any of the rumors.


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