The Islamabad Police Department has received cooperation from Zong 4G, Pakistan’s major telecommunications network, in its campaign against Covid-19.
Recognizing the necessity of having access to safety goods, Zong has donated the Islamabad Police Department with Covid-19 protection supplies such as hand sanitizers, hand washes, and face masks to aid in the fight against the pandemic.

“Our support for the Islamabad Police is a demonstration of our commitment to Pakistan and law enforcement forces during these trying times. Our law enforcement heroes are also on the front lines, assisting the government in its fight against the pandemic while also ensuring our safety. We are offering support to them and expressing gratitude for their diligent work through our tiny gesture,” said Zong’s official spokesperson.

The efforts of Zong 4G in fighting the global epidemic have been praised by the Islamabad Police.

Since the virus began to strengthen its hold on the country last year, Zong has been a vital contribution to the national fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

To assist stop the spread of coronavirus, the firm has cooperated with the federal and provincial governments, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, UNICEF Pakistan, HEC, SIUT, NIH, and NDMA. As a result of this efforts, Zong was named one of Pakistan’s most caring brands by IPOS Mori.


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