Best XUMO TV Alternatives
Best XUMO TV Alternatives

What is XUMO TV?

Xumo organizes its content into around 180 separate channels, however, as was already mentioned, the great majority of these channels are not equivalent to those you get with a cable subscription. Each channel offers a component currently available for streaming (typically not a live broadcast) and at least some other on-demand content, such as clips from shows, short films, movies and TV shows. Comedy, entertainment, food, drink, travel, music, news, sports, and TV & movies are some of the categories of streaming content. Pluto TV, a different free live TV streaming service, offers roughly the same amount of channels (190), but more of them provide programming from well-known sources.

In 2022, XUMO will join a competitive market of streaming services vying for survival as ad-supported services. I chose to try out XUMO as part of a series on free streaming choices for Team Clark.
I downloaded the XUMO app for both the iOS and Roku devices to conduct this review. This provided me the chance to use both the TV and mobile versions of the service. Along with genre-specific live streaming channels, XUMO also offers a selection of free on-demand movies and TV episodes. On a select number of smart televisions from manufacturers including Panasonic, Vizio, and LG, XUMO is installed as an option. On many phones and streaming devices, it is also accessible via an app.


  • Watch More Than 10,000 Films
  • Over 100 Channels
  • easy interface
  • Ask for a movie
  • Movie Section Upcoming


  • Trustworthy streaming
  • Dependable mobile application
  • 720p content is available


  • Unorganized web interface
  • Only a small on-demand collection
  • Ads for on-demand content are prevalent.
  • Platforms with some popular apps missing

11 Best XUMO TV Alternatives

1. Kodi:


The best home entertainment program available is Kodi, which can set up your media library and let you watch content online using a wide variety of 3rd-party add-ons created by designers across the world.

Kodi has gained attention even though the software is legal in and of itself because of the type of downloadable content. The closure of numerous repositories and add-ons, a symptom that many copyright holders are at odds with creators, has caused a lot of people to become frustrated and search for other solutions. Also, look for movies on free streaming websites.

2. TubiTV:


A streaming service called Tubi TV offers more than 12,000 titles, including movies and TV shows. It is a completely legal streaming service that doesn’t require a subscription or credit card. Simply enjoy its limitless streaming. The biggest free streaming service in the world, known as Tubi, is accessible from any location at any time. The service has a high ranking on IMDb, and you can use it to enjoy high-quality content. Its primary area has New Releases, Most Recent Motion Pictures, and Anime TV Series. All of its categories are free to choose from.

It is cross-platform and usable on nearly all of the popular platforms, including Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Smart Televisions, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire TV. With its straightforward and user-friendly user interface, Tubi television allows for unlimited access to all of its features. Free online entertainment, the most recent releases, notifications, suggestions, and more are all included with Tubi TV.

3. PopcornTime:


To provide an all-in-one experience, Popcorn Time uses a free BitTorrent client that has built-in media players. The software provides a free alternative to subscription-based streaming services for movies like Netflix and many more. It streams videos that have been identified by various monitoring service providers using consecutive downloading, and third-party trackers can manually add videos.

It was made by a team of professionals and has all the essential components that make it the greatest. One of the best features is that it doesn’t require registration, so you can watch a movie or television show for as long as you like. Additionally, the website offers a big library of movies, premium content, an amazing brochure, and much more.

4. OneBox HD:

OneBox HD

With OneBox HD, you and your friends, family, and kids can watch movies, TV series, and other entertainment content directly on your smartphones and tablets. One of the top applications lets you watch movies and internet television. You may download the OneBox HD movies app for free on the devices you want, and it has a large number of users from all around the world.

You can no longer download the most recent OneBox apk or purchase OneBox HD through the Google Play Store. It has excellent searching capabilities that help you rapidly browse your desired TV shows and movies. It is entirely free and includes transparency, so there is nothing you need to pay for.

5. Cyberflix TV:

CyberFlix TV

An app for watching movies and TV series called Cyberflix TV has a big selection of movies and TV show episodes. Users of the portal can watch HD-quality movies and television shows with a single click. The fact that this technology provides captions in more than 200 languages is what I find most interesting. Users can start viewing the movie or television show as soon as they click it and do not have to wait for packing thanks to its lightning-fast streaming speed.

People don’t need to install a separate media player on their computers because it has one built in. Additionally, the site is devoid of advertisements, which enhances the user experience. People can use the site to search for any movies or television shows by genre, category, or year of release. Finally, it also offers its suggestions to users for movies and television shows.

6. TeaTV:


The most recent motion pictures, the newest add-ons, and television shows and movies in Full HD are all available on TeaTV, a free and easy-to-use internet software. The website offers virtually all TV shows and movies for free viewing and download. Similar to ZMovies and the vast array of similar streaming websites, it also offers a selection of categories, including Scary, Experience, Sci-Fi, Household, and Comedy. Each category has its TV show or movie, and these categories are regularly updated with the most recent information.

You can watch a movie, visit the website, seek your favorite content, and enjoy without any restrictions without registering. Additionally, you may utilize its App on the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms to improve your overall experience. The primary features of the TeaTV Streaming website include a straightforward user interface, HD quality video, daily updates, new TV episodes, and no inflammation, among other things.

7. Hulu:


Hulu is the top home entertainment platform for online movie streaming since it entertains multiple platforms. Your home for thousands of top-rated, critically acclaimed, and blockbuster movies and TV shows is Hulu. This is simply accessible from all digital media players and operating systems. With all the best features, tools, and an intuitive user experience, Hulu is the most popular streaming service. With this, you may view any movie in various languages, including anime, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many more.

Hulu is a top-tier provider of home entertainment. You can always find the best and most prestigious home entertainment products here. That implies that the Hulu platform will always feature new content. Hulu is the best in terms of the accessible items’ voice and video quality. It offers its audiences the highest caliber audio and visual home entertainment content.

8. VUDU:


VUDU is a formidable online home entertainment provider with a remarkable selection of TV shows and movies that are ranked in the top and best order worldwide. The VUDU application’s greatest feature is that it only offers full-length movies and TV shows. The VUDU application ensures that you are seeing continuous films during your connection with VUDU for those moviegoers looking for the source of full-length films and television series.

VUDU is an online destination for high-quality and acclaimed entertainment whenever you need it. You should use an advanced bandwidth online connection if you need to use VUDU’s streaming feature. Additionally, VUDU specializes in the leasing and long-term buying of DVDs and the most recent releases of TV shows, films, and dramas.

9. Crackle:


With Crackle, you can watch movies, TV episodes, anime, and web-based content on your smartphone or tablet. Hollywood movies that are often featured on Crackle are continuously unedited and uncut. Without further interruption, you may watch full-length movies and television series online, and most of the content is free. The Crackle app is the best of the bunch due to its simplicity of use, high-quality products, and accessibility to full-length movies. It is one of the best sources for getting action movies, sci-fi movies, comedies, criminal movies, horror movies, television shows, episodes of television shows, and more. It is a one-stop shop for folks who enjoy entertainment and are looking for a platform where they may play entertainment-related games continuously.
It is a free content streaming service that offers its users the greatest and highest-rated home entertainment content. Simply choose your favorite movie and press the play button to start watching it anytime you want on the Crackle app.

10. ShowBox:


On Android devices, ShowBox is a free internet application for watching television shows and movies. It is regarded as the only software available for Android that enables free access to HD movies. The best part is that it offers one of the biggest collections of dramas and movies, which are arranged into a variety of categories like a most recent release, upcoming, top of the list, most popular, and more.

The ShowBox app’s content spans various genres, including action, romance, drama, adventure, horror, science fiction, comedic, and military-related content, among others. People want to sideload the device since the ShowBox app is not available in the Google PlayStore. For access to the items it needs, registration is required. After installation, you can enter your email address with the necessary instructions to enjoy intense streaming. Check activate bet tv as well.

11. Gomovies:


Gomovies is a renowned torrent website that hosts pirated versions of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Kollywood films in HD and makes them available to consumers online. a website that unlawfully replicates the work of others, usually to increase sales and profits.

For enjoyment, movies and television shows have become a necessary component of daily life. While some choose to sign up for numerous home entertainment apps, others choose to watch or download them through pirate torrent sites, whose main source is the global movie market-wide, rampant piracy.


The best live TV streaming app at the time was XumoTV, but it is no longer available due to several legal issues. In our unequally distributed capitalist society, it is time for XumoTV alternatives to carry on the functionality and free services formerly offered by XumoTV; we hope that these XumoTV alternatives pave the way for better free entertainment for viewers in the future. If you have any suggestions for this list’s expansion or just want to share your insightful ideas with us, kindly let us know in the comment section below. Happy streaming live TV!


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