Today, Xiaomi officially announced and introduced its first-ever quad-curved waterfall screen concept smartphone. Xiaomi never fails to amaze people with its innovative products. The company’s products provide a unique balance between imagination and reality. The quad-curved screen concept means that the screen of the phone not only has a 88 degrees waterfall curve on right and left side but also on the top and bottom. This leaves no space for charging ports.

Innovative and flexible screens have become the new normal. However, Xiaomi has tackled one of the biggest challenges of the industry of making a quad-curved glass panel and the 3D process of bonding. This new phone’s 88 degrees bend on all four sides has crossed all the technological limits of glass production. The 3D bonding process was chosen to help attach the 88 degrees quad-curved glass to a flexible display. This has helped the company to ensure a flawless yet efficient screen performance.

Xiaomi’s all-new design is said to be a revolutionary design that ensures that all sides of the phone are covered with the display. Xiaomi Corporation was first founded in 2010 and since then the company has produced the latest and up-to-date technological products. The company pays its absolute focus on innovation and quality. As a result of this, the company has always succeeded in creating a high-quality user experience and operational efficiency.


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