Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask

Xiaomi has established a reputation as not just a top electronic producer, but also a brand that offers innovative eco-friendly home products at a reasonable price during the last few years. From LED lamps to garment steamers, the company appears to be working nonstop to improve its users’ daily lives.

In the Chinese market, Xiaomi has now launched a whole new product to its home necessities line. A 500ml Xiaomi-branded Mini Thermos Flask, priced at $17, is the newest addition.


Both stainless steel components were chosen for this thermos, according to Xiaomi, since the material is known to be chemically inert and waterproof. This makes cleaning the thermos flask a breeze. Additionally, both stainless steel materials have been meticulously designed to provide not only an overall ergonomic design but also to avoid liquid leaks inside the flask.

It will keep hot liquids warm for 6 hours at 40 degrees Celsius and above, and cold liquids cool for 6 hours at 18 degrees Celsius and below.

Thermos Body

The interior of the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask is made of 316-Grade Stainless Steel, while the exterior is made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel. Both stainless steel materials are known to be chemically inert and water repellent, according to Xiaomi, allowing for easier flask cleaning.

It is unable to connect to a smartphone application. In addition, with the purchase of the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask in China, the business is including a thermos flask carrying case.


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