WhatsApp to Add Cart Feature

On Tuesday, WhatsApp announced to add a shopping cart feature in its application. This is because the Facebook-owned IM service, WhatsApp plans to invite a large number of a userbase to shop. The application has approximately 2 billion users.

Ahead of the holiday season, WhatsApp said it is going to add carts for the convenience of users and initiate an enhanced user experience. With the help of carts, it will be easier for users to add different items. Moreover, this feature is also convenient for the merchants as they can keep track of order inquiries and manage requests effectively.

Some businesses have tested this feature recently. After hearing a positive review from them, WhatsApp decided to launch this feature. When users are using this instant messaging application, they will now see an ‘add to cart’ feature. This will allow them to send businesses the request to order items. The WhatsApp cart feature is going live from today all around the world. There is a complete guide as to how you can place an order using the application’s ‘add to cart’ feature. Click here to see the guide.

Before sending your cart to the seller, you can edit it as well according to your requirements. If the user wishes to inquire about the seller’s multiple items, they can add all items to the cart and send a single inquiry message to the seller. The order is not final unless the seller confirms it. 

Previously, WhatsApp has launched various features for the ease of users. The application also has QR codes, which has made shopping easier for people. WhatsApp is also offering free storage to merchants so that they could store their business messages. 

WhatsApp is a widely used application that comes for free. It neither charges for the subscription nor the app has any ads. Therefore, it is used by many people around the world. 


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