Over 2 billion people are using the WhatsApp application, and the application aims at providing the best experience to its users. WhatsApp has now finally updated the list of wallpapers and stickers to give the users an aesthetic experience. 

WhatsApp announced that on Tuesday, it would allow users to set custom wallpapers for chats so that they can easily distinguish between hundreds of chats. However, the company has not put any limit on the number of times we can use the wallpaper or assign it to chats. 

For light and dark mode settings, the user can also make a choice between two different wallpapers. You will experience an automatic transition of wallpaper when you switch your phone to the dark mode from the lighter mode. According to Facebook, “users can make their chats more differentiable and personal by making use of personalized wallpaper for significant chats. You can also do it for your favorite people, and then you do not have to worry about sending wrong messages to the wrong people.”

The famous doodle wallpaper of WhatsApp will also be rolled out in a variety of colors and designs. The designs will have a variety of pictures of nature and architecture from around the globe. Moreover, the users are also able to search for stickers with emojis and text with ease because of the new update. They can also browse through the common emoji categories. New stickers will also be spotted as a result of this new update. 

Lastly, WhatsApp has also included the sticker range of World Health Organization’s Together Home in the form of animated stickers. The ‘Together Home’ sticker pack is available in 9 different languages on WhatsApp, including Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Spanish. Enjoy the new updated features of WhatsApp and have a better user experience. According to the company, the update will be rolling out today, but the majority of the users have already gotten it in their application. 


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