What Is a Meme

What Is a Meme? A meme is a popular image with text added to it that often expresses comments on social concepts, everyday occurrences, or creative icons. A meme creator can be a picture or a video, but it can also be words. People share memes on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others when they like them. A meme’s ability to shape culture increases with its level of popularity.

The History Of Meme

In his widely known 1976 book The Selfish Gene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” for the first time. Although he was unaware of its potential internet-related applications, he coined the term “meme” to describe an idea, behavior, or fashion that spreads swiftly through a community. In his work, he equated the transmission of a meme to a virus. The word “meme” first emerged in the Greek phrase “meme,” which meant “an imitation.”

Years later, Dawkins supported the use of the word “meme” in the online world. He insisted that his original premise is still true despite the altered interpretation.

How Was It Made?

Memes are a widespread social phenomenon. As a meme strikes a chord with people, it will gain in popularity. Although laughter is a hallmark of memes, the humor frequently includes stinging political or social critique.

Sometimes memes are used for entertainment or to teach people valuable lessons. Sometimes a single humorous interpretation can come from a single image or brief video. Occasionally, only a select few people will enjoy a meme, while occasionally, virtually everyone will find it amusing will smith meme.

In order to help you better comprehend the breadth and depth of these viral claims, we’ve listed some well-known meme categories and instances.

Meme Kinds


A silent video or animated image that plays continuously. As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were introduced, GIFs gained popularity.

Image Macro Meme: 

A straightforward, evocative graphic with block text. It acknowledges a common experience shared by both the viewer and the creator and is intended to evoke an emotional response.

Advice Animals: 

A rainbow background has been photo-shopped onto the head of an animal.


Photos with white writing and a black background that are inspirational or motivating.


Similar to a newspaper layout and contains numerous images and texts in a block format.


Video memes gained popularity after Youtube launched in 2005.

Dank memes:

Memes that are distinct from the usual format. Dank memes typically are based on nonsense and need investigation for the average user to understand their context.

Some Famous Memes:

Happy Friday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
Funny meme
Spider man meme
Birthday meme
Chad meme
Phrase-based memes
Good morning meme
Monday meme
Usage-based humor
Tuesday meme
Thank you meme


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