What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat

This is one of the most used social media sites worldwide. Snapchat provides a variety of unique features, such as streaks, snaps, and more. Also, It is one of the greatest places for content creation because it offers a variety of episodic seasons. However, we’ll explain What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat and how to fix it in this article.

What does it mean when it says pending on Snapchat?

When the term ‘pending’ displays next to a message on Snapchat, it means that the app is having trouble transmitting the message. In addition, a grey arrow will appear next to the word. This usually shows that you aren’t buddies with the individual to whom you’re sending the message. It might have been a mistake on your part, or your Snapchat friend could have erased your account entirely.

In the Chat tab, next to a friend’s name on their profile, and within a DM or conversation, a Snapchat pending label is frequently displayed. A pending Snapchat caution, unlike a generic error message, signifies that the app will keep attempting to send until it is either received or you specifically cancel the entire process.

Snapchat Pending means getting blocked by Someone?

This does not necessarily imply that you have been blocked. When you send someone a text or a snap on the app and the ‘pending’ arrow appears, it usually means that the other person hasn’t accepted your message or friend request. However, it’s possible that the person has blocked you and no longer wants to receive communications from you.

It’s not always your Snapchat account that’s displaying an error message; other times, it’s the other person’s Snapchat account that’s causing the problems. Here are some reasons for it.

Why Pending shows on Snapchat?

  • Your buddy request was not accepted by the individual. A user’s friend request must be confirmed before Snapchat may send them a message.
  • Your friend has decided to unfriend you. While you and the user may have been Snapchat friends in the past, the user may have decided to cut down on their friend list.
  • A Friend has blocked you. Because Snapchat does not warn you when someone blocks you, this could be the cause of the pending message. Someone who blocks you on Snapchat, on the other hand, is usually completely hidden from you.
  • There is no internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. When you’re not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, Snapchat won’t work and will display a “Waiting to send” pending notice until you reconnect.
  • It could also be a Glitch. It’s not uncommon for an application to have a few flaws. It’s possible that the application is simply operating incorrectly in this case. You should apparently check for any known outages in addition to shutting and reopening it or checking for updates.
  • Your friend’s account has been deleted. Another cause for your impending difficulty could be that your friend has deleted their account.

How to know if someone deleted you on Snapchat?

You may accomplish this by looking through your follower list and seeing if the user’s name has vanished or not. If you’ve been removed from a friend list or if someone has unfollowed you, Snapchat will not notify you. You can do same by following the methods listed below:

  • To go to the friend list screen, first swipe right from the camera screen.
  • Now, tap the search bar and type the name of the person you’re looking for into it.
  • Check to see if the name is on your friend’s list.


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