Google Spies on Workers

The US labor force has accused Google of spying on their workers before firing them, and this is illegal. According to the US labor force, the company has violated its laws by spying on the workers who were planning to arrange a protest against discrimination at work. The company fired two of their employees as per the complaint registered by NLRB on 2nd December 2020.

The complaint registered by the National Labor Relations board named two Google employees who were fired in 2019 because they were in connection to employee activism. One of the employees, Laurence Berland, organized the protest against Google because the company decided to work with IRI consultants, an organization known for its anti-union efforts.

According to Berland, the hiring of IRI by Google is an explicit declaration that the management will not bear worker organizing anymore. Spiers, the second of the two employees, created the pop-up for Google employees navigating to the IRI consultants website was fired by the company after they got to know about it. According to Google, Spiers desecrated the security policies, and now the National Labor Relations Board says that the firing of employees was unlawful.

Even last year, the company faced various protests from the employees because the company could not manage the sexual harassment allegations against it. Now, many of the Google employees have charged the company for work surveillance because they complained that the company was keeping a check on employees via a browser extension. The browser extension is present in the Calendar app through which employees were spied.
If Google does not decide to settle the matter, the complaint filed against them will go to the administrative judge in the near future. And if the company loses the case, they have to rehire Berland and Spiers, and Google can be forced to pay back wages to them. According to the Google spokesperson, the company will continue to take severe actions against violation of security policies and breach of trust.


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