Uber Superapp

Uber appears to be Introducing a travel “superapp.” The business announced on Wednesday that it will add train, bus, aircraft, and auto rental options to its UK app later this year.

Uber’s regional general manager for the United Kingdom, Jamie Heywood, stated in a statement that the company intends to become a one-stop-shop for all of your travel needs.

Uber, on the other hand, will not be providing all of these transportation services. Instead, through technological connections and cooperation with airlines, bus and train providers, and car rental firms, the portal will allow consumers to book them.

These new platform integrations, according to the business, will help raise app usage in the UK and compete with competitors such as Bolt and Free. Given that the United Kingdom is the platform’s largest market outside of the United States, it’s only reasonable that it’s attempting to build a dedicated user base there.

The report was released just weeks after Uber was granted a 30-month license to operate in London and the UK lifted all COVID-19 limitations. “With COVID behind us, with this big push into new modes of transport, we want to signal that this is a very important growth lever for us over the coming years”. Heywood said about pandemics.


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