Tumblr Video Downloader

It’s possible that you’ve come upon an excellent video on Tumblr and wondered how to download it. We occasionally want to save Tumblr videos on our phones or computers because they are so fantastic. Tumblr video downloader, however, is unable to directly stream videos from their website.

One of the most well-known social networks, Tumblr, is where people publish their ideas, works of art, images, and videos. In order to receive a free online Tumblr video downloader, you’re in the proper place if you need to download a Tumblr file. Simply click the download option and input the URL link for the video that is embedded there. then download the Tumblr video downloader by following the instructions below.

More people are using videos to publish their tales and express themselves on the microblogging website Tumblr, which used to be a social network filled of GIFs. There are numerous amusing, odd, and adorable video clips on Tumblr. This does not preclude the introduction of a Tumblr video downloader. Not as horrible as it first appears. You may learn how to do that by reading this comprehensive guide on streaming Tumblr video downloaders.

Best Tumblr Video Downloader


One of the most well-liked apps for iOS is Tyblr, which enables you to download videos from Tumblr. It’s simple to download your preferred Tumblr videos to your iPhone or iPad using this free Tumblr video downloader.

When using this video downloading app, you can download videos without leaving the Tumblr app. So, when you locate a film you want to store or view later, you don’t have to stop all that scrolling.

Every Tumblr post on an iOS device that has the Tyblr app installed will have a Save button next to it. Simply click the icon below to download a post as of right now. The Tyblr app will now automatically download that Tumblr video to your device. Therefore, you may just let Tyblr save them all if you want to view a lot of your favorite videos later on in the day.

Timbloader for Tumblr

A fantastic program and video for downloading Tumblr videos is Timbloader. It is accessible as a free internet video downloader as well as an Android smartphone for your phone. It’s simple to browse and download your favorite Tumblr videos using our Tumblr video downloader.

Simply copy the URL for the Tumblr post that contains the video you wish to download. Please then copy the link and put it where it is instructed on their website. Following that, you’ll receive a link that enables you to download the video in your preferred format.

The Down Video

A website called The Down Video makes it simpler than ever to download videos from Tumblr. This downloader for videos is free and very simple to use.

Our is so that you may download Tumblr videos from this site without having to register or download any software or applications. Instead, you can use our online video downloader by copying and pasting the URL of the amateur nsfw Tumblr video. After that, you can download your video by clicking a button.


Unquestionably, this is one of the desktop Tumblr video downloaders that works the best. Both Windows and Mac are supported. It comes in the form of software that you can easily install for no cost on your desktop. With few clicks using this software, you can quickly store your preferred Tumblr video download app material to your computer. Additionally, you may download videos in a variety of codecs, including mp4, mov, avi, and mkv, using this software. GihoSoft gives you the option of adding subtitles to the downloaded video.

GihoSoft is very simple to use. You only need to copy the URL of the Tumblr post you wish to download. Open the GihoSoft program on your PC and paste that link into the corresponding field. Next, select the download format, resolution, and video quality that you desire before clicking the Download option. One of the greatest Tumblr video downloader tools is GihoSoft. It offers a lifetime guarantee and a quick download speed.

Orbit Downloader

Are you looking for video downloaders to prevent a tragedy from delayed downloads? Then Orbit Downloader is here to expedite that procedure so all you have to do is click a few buttons and then relax and watch your preferred videos. It is simple to use, intuitive, and compatible with Internet Explorer to download videos on Tumblr. Your downloads will be accelerated, automated, and made easier for you to keep track of. All of your favorite videos can be saved and kept in one location using this method.

All In One Downloader

This internet video downloader is one of the greatest options for downloading Tumblr videos. With no need to download any software or apps that would take up additional storage space on your device, this internet downloader is simple to use. With the All In One Downloader, you can also save your videos in HD resolution and MP4 format. This implies that you can use any media player that is compatible with your device to play the downloaded videos.

Using this downloader makes it simple to grab Tumblr videos. Copy the link to the video you want to download from Tumblr and then go there. then enter this link into the search bar on the All In One Downloader website. Your Tumblr video will now begin to download as soon as you press the Enter key.

Social Video Downloader

The fact that Social Video Downloader is a Google Chrome extension that can be used to download Tumblr videos to an iPhone sets it apart from the other items on this list. Using this addon, you can download your preferred HD or SD Tumblr videos in mp4 format. This Chrome integration-friendly Tumblr video downloader is simple to use and lightweight. By storing all of your Tumblr videos in a single location on your smartphone, it is quick, secure, and effective.

The Social Video Downloader plugin is incredibly simple to use. The Download button will show up on top of any video you watch on Tumblr once you install the extension for Chrome and access Tumblr in the same browser. That Tumblr video will instantly download to your device when you click this button. With this plugin, you may download movies from Facebook and other social networking websites as well.

What is Tumblr?

The American social networking and microblogging site Tumblr was founded. David Karp launched the website in 2007. On Tumblr, users can create brief blogs by posting images, videos, and other information. Users can interact with the blogs’ authors and follow other blogs.

The toolbar on Tumblr is where users spend the majority of their time. Through the dashboard, users can add text, images, and website links. Additionally, it displays the newest blog entries that a user likes, shares, or reblogs. Additionally, users have the ability to edit, tag, and delete their posts using HTML.


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