The best website for finding torrent files of millions of movies, TV shows, web series, premium software, and much more is TorrentFunk, often known as the “King of Torrent Search Engine Sites.” TorrentFunk com was founded in early 2011, and its popularity has expanded quickly since then, according to Google Trends. Users commonly come to this website in search of a torrent file of their favorite movie or any other premium content. The importance of several good alternatives to this, on the other hand, cannot be emphasized.

Torrent Funk is completely committed to supplying people with torrent files that they have requested. TorrentFunk used to be a torrent hosting site, which means it hosted torrent files from other sites. This service, however, created its own database over time and began distributing torrent files to its customers through it.

Torrent Funk has also gone through a number of maintenance periods, and as a result, the website is now available to all users. However, shortly after the website’s complete launch, it was plagued by server outages and other minor glitches, preventing users from accessing their preferred torrent files. Furthermore, Torrent Funk’s security certificate was revoked, and the site is now prohibited by governments all over the world.


1: YTS

All the most popular and recent movie torrents may be found on YTS. The user-friendly interface of this site makes it even more spectacular and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly locate their favorite movie torrent content. All movie torrents are organized by genre, and you can use the advanced search to find your favorite film. The movie torrent list can also be filtered by quality (720p, 1080p, 3D), ratings, and order.


2: 1337X

This is another fantastic alternative to the TorrentFunk website. This replacement is noted for its user-friendly layout, which will certainly improve your entire viewing experience. Furthermore, 1337X is one of the most popular torrent sites, providing a variety of useful features for users. For example, the website organizes all torrent files for various movies by genre, language, popularity, and date added. As a result, 1337X is a must-visit site for those looking to fill the hole left by TorrentFunk.



eztv unblocked

This website, which is similar to this but is less well-known among torrent file users, is similar to this but is less well-known among torrent file users. The bad graphical user interface is the key cause for this website’s low popularity. This website, on the other hand, has an advantage over the big torrent-provider websites in terms of torrent file availability. This website’s defining feature is the vast amount of torrent files available, which users appreciate. You should absolutely check out this website.


4: IsoHunt

ettv proxy

IsoHunt is one of the top sites similar to this. It is a BitTorrent and peer-to-peer search engine that can assist you in locating verified and high-quality torrent downloads. Anime, movies, music, adult content, and other sorts of torrent content can be downloaded. You only need a good computer and a high-speed internet connection to start torrenting at IsoHunt.


5: ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent isn’t the finest option for this, but it does have millions of torrent files on its server that are often used by users. The vast majority of these torrent files are no longer active, but there are a few that are still operational. You can also request that the website’s administrator add the torrent file you require. ExtraTorrent isn’t commonly utilized, but its vast database and request feature makes it a compelling option for users.


6: Torlock

Torlock provides high-quality movie torrents as well as a variety of other torrent files from a variety of categories, including movies, anime, e-books, television series, and more. Any torrent file can be downloaded instantly and without trouble. Furthermore, the health score of any torrent file is shown on the site’s interface, allowing you to evaluate how active that torrent file is.



rarbg proxy

EZTV is a TV torrent download service where users can quickly download all the most recent TV shows utilizing a superfast torrent. To begin torrenting at EZTV, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Visit Website:

8: KickassTorrents

eztv. re

KickassTorrents is one of the best websites in field of search engine functionality. The strong search engine on this website has made it incredibly famous among users. The odds of discovering torrent files of your choosing on our website are extremely great. Furthermore, when compared to other torrent-provider websites, KAT is one of the oldest. The most recent releases in the movie and television show segments are also posted to this website in the form of torrent files. Because of its large database and more sophisticated user interface, KAT is a great replacement for the TorrentFunk website.

Visit Website:

9: LimeTorrents

eztv series

This is our ninth choice on the list, and believe us when we say that, because of its sophisticated search engine and enormous database, this site is the finest possible successor for the TorrentFunk website. LimeTorrents was not well-known when it originally debuted, but it gradually gained traction, and it currently outnumbers many of the main torrent sites.

Users can access over 5 million active torrent files on this verified BitTorrent service on a daily basis. It is not necessary to register on this website in order to access the material or torrent files provided. Furthermore, the file size is provided in the description before any file is downloaded, making torrent downloading much easier for consumers.

Visit Website:

10: The Pirate Bay

TorrentFunk com may be replaced by The Pirate Bay, which is a wonderful alternative to this. This website currently has over 3 million active torrent files, with that number increasing every day as the site’s popularity develops. The Pirate Bay is the world’s largest collection of torrent files for movies, television shows, web series, and other material. This website was first released in 2003, and if you look at the user interface, you’ll see that torrent files are shown as a simple link. It is, however, a terrific website with many fantastic features.

Visit Website:


Identifying the greatest viable alternatives to this, as previously indicated, is a difficult undertaking. You can, however, replace TorrentFunk with one of these great websites. 1337X, RARBG, and The Pirate Bay are the best three selections from the aforementioned list, according to our recommendations. Also, in the comments section, you can contribute your favorite options from the above list. We’d be pleased to start a dialogue with you.


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