A torrent is a file that is sent over the BitTorrent network. Files can be of any sort, including music, movies, and other media. The file is referred to as a torrent since it is incomplete while being transferred. Torrent downloads that have been paused cannot be opened as normal files because they lack the requisite data. There are various torrent sites available, with Torlock proxy being the most prominent. It is one of the top torrent sites available.

Its torrents are well-known for their great quality. Torrents are commonly thought of as a convenient way to download music, movies, videos, and other types of data. This torrent site has managed to persist despite the torrent prohibition in 2016. Although this website has benefits, it also has drawbacks. Because this frequently goes offline, we’ve compiled a list of Torlock alternatives that users might find useful.


1: 1337X

You should bookmark 1337X if you’re seeking a torrent site with a straightforward layout and a lot of high-quality content. As a result, with millions of users, 1337X is one of the most popular and well-liked torrent websites. You can acquire nearly anything on 1337X, including TV shows, movies, games, ISO files, and much more. It’s also one of the most effective Torlock replacements.

Visit Website: www.1337x.tw


rarbg proxy

Fans of torrenting software, TV episodes, music, and movies should be familiar with the EZTV torrent site. It’s one of the best sites for getting new TV episode torrents, so check it out. Users who get their TV fix from EZTV can access a big variety of torrents. The UI on EZTV is also very engaging, which is a positive for the service. As an alternative to this, you should choose EZTV.

Visit Website: https://eztv.re


eztv unblocked

With millions of daily visits, RARBG is another of the most popular torrent websites on the list. It has an antiquated interface that appears to be out of the current, yet it is quick and easy to use. RARBG has a large collection of torrent files, which includes software, movies, TV episodes, games, and other types of entertainment.

Visit Website: http://proxyrarbg.org

4: YTS

YTS is another reliable video torrent site on the list that only offers video files. What are your thoughts? Here you’ll find a lot of the most recent movies, TV shows, movie trailers, game trailers, and more. Apart from that, this torrent site offers a user-friendly interface and prominently displays the most recently added and popular torrent files on the homepage.

Visit Website: https://yts.mx

5: IsoHunt

ettv proxy

IsoHunt is a peer-to-peer torrent system that is classified among BitTorrent’s approved peer-to-peer torrent systems. It’s an online database with thousands of torrent files that can be searched. It covers, among other things, music, videos, movies, books, software, applications, and apps. Users can browse and download torrents from a vast number of sources. IsoHunt also features a torrent file upload method.

Visit Website: https://isohunts.to

6: Zooqle

rarbg proxy

If you’re looking for a torrent website with a user-friendly interface, Zooqle is a good choice. What are your thoughts? Zooqle is one of the most popular movie-goer websites. This torrent site is mainly for movies and television series. On Zooqle, all the free video content is of excellent quality. Surprisingly, Zooqle is another exceptional Torlock proxy option worth considering.

Visit Website: https://zooqle.com

7: ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent, which is quite similar to this, is another trustworthy torrent site on the list. It’s a torrent search engine that pulls together popular torrents from a variety of sources. Even more amazing is the website’s resemblance to the now-defunct ExtraTorrent. Well, if you look around the site long enough, you’ll discover a wealth of high-quality torrent stuff. As a result, ExtraTorrent is currently the best torrent website available.

Visit Website: https://extratorrent.cyou

8: LimeTorrents

eztv series

If you’re looking for a torrent site that’s known for its torrent content and user experience, LimeTorrents might be the ideal option. The website’s appeal is enhanced by the fact that it lists all available pirate content immediately on the homepage. LimeTorrents has it all, from movies to games when it comes to torrent content. LimeTorrents, surprisingly, is another of the greatest replacements accessible.

Visit Website: www.limetorrents.info

9: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay does not require an introduction because it is well-known. It is currently the most popular and frequently accessed torrent website available. It is also one of the more dependable torrent websites because it is rarely down. Apart from that, The Pirate Bay offers a wide range of high-quality torrents, including software, movies, TV series, games, and much more.

Visit Website: www.pirateproxy.space

10: TorrentDownloads

eztv ag

TorrentDownloads is also one of the oldest and most active torrent websites available today. Torrent Downloads is fantastic because it contains over 17 million downloads. In addition, this torrent site covers all torrent categories, including Movies, Books, Software, TV Shows, Music, and so on. As a result, Torrent Downloads are one of the most capable and effective Torlock alternatives.

Visit Website: www.torrentdownloads.pro


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