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Some people not only love songs, but they dont resist singing along to their favorite songs.  If you know the lyrics of songs, you can sing your favorite songs with confidence. Some pieces are excellent, but we can’t catch their lyrics, so search for them.

Android is the solution to all your issues, and it provides some of the best lyrics apps available on the Google Play Store.  Songs are the source to refresh yourself and add fun to your long drives. However, if you understand the song, it doubles the pleasure, and you enjoy it more.

List of Top 10 Best Lyrics Apps

For Android devices

Lyrics dont only provide you an understanding of the song but fills your listening experience with pleasure and joy. Some of the best lyrics app available on the Google Play Store, which displays the song’s lyrics. Our experts developed a list of best lyrics apps for Android dedicated to song lovers in this article. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Genius




Genius, like its name, is a genius lyrics app available on the Google Play Store. This is an excellent website for songs lover, which is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. Developers of this application claim they have lyrics for over 1.7 million songs which are a massive number. It is one of the best lyrics apps for Android right now.

2. Musixmatch




Musixmatch is not only a lyrics provider but a large-scale music player app available for all Android devices. The app includes all the best music player features, and you can download it via the Google Play Store.  It contains lyrics of millions of songs and collaborates with other famous music streaming apps like Soundcloud, Pandora, and Google Play Music to provide you the lyrics. Just play the songs, and you will get the lyrics quickly.

3. SoundHound Music Search & Play


SoundHound Music Search & Play


SoundHound Music Search & Play is a place where you can get almost every song you want. The application first listens and then automatically detects the song playing in the background.  After recognizing the song, the app shows full songs and videos with real-time lyrics. This is a great video app for users, saving the music and songs you have listened to before.

4. Shazam




Shazam is similar to the app mentioned above and is the best music recognition tool available on the google play store. Using Shazam, you can discover any song quickly and it provides you with a description of that song.  For example, it displays the artist’s name, lyrics, videos, and similar playlists after distinguishing a song. If you want lyrics of some song, just click on the ‘Lyrics’ button when the song screen activates.  This app will show you the lyrics of every song which you play.

5.  is an app designed to make video status and allows you to make lyrical video songs with your photos and videos in the background. But it can also serve as a lyrics provider and allows lyrics of so many songs online. There’s a huge database of lyrical video songs, which anyone can utilize while creating their videos. You will automatically receive the lyrics of your selected song, but it doesn’t allow you to upload your own song to the app.

6. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania


Lyrics Mania is one of the best lyrics apps for Android, which you download anytime on the Google Play Store. All you need to do is to search the name of the artist or song, and it will provide you lyrics within few seconds. It arrives with a built-in music player which displays real-time lyrics of every song you play. You can use this app for free, but ads may disrupt your experience.

7. Quicklyric




Quicklyric is an oper source lyrical app, which is amongst the best lyrics app for Android without any doubt. It includes a very simple procedure, just tap on the lyrics button to get your desired song’s lyrics. The speed of this app is lightning fast, and you can find the lyrics of any song within seconds. Just download it right now to enjoy songs and understand them by knowing the lyrics.

8. AlSong




You dont want to search for lyrics manually? AlSong is there to serve you and displays lyrics of your searched song without asking. You can also use this app as a music player, which compiles all the songs stored on your Android smartphone. When the song starts, it shows real-time lyrics of that song on your screen. But the downside of this application is, it covers a smaller number of songs.

9. LyricsMint




Bollywood songs are most famous in India, and millions of people search for native songs in India. LyricsMint is one of the best lyrics app made for India’s people and covers a wide range of Bollywood/Hindi Movie songs and some non-Hindi data. You dont need the internet to use this app as it lets users store offline lyrics to access them later on. Even if you dont have an internet network, just use this fantastic app to access the already stored lyrics.

10. Lyrics Library


Lyrics Library


As the name suggests, this application is a library of songs and lyrics and is one of the best lyrics apps for Android in recent times. It allows so many features like write, save, edit, read, and share lyrics on a single platform. You can search lyrics of songs and also download them for later use. The unique feature which makes it better than other apps on the list is it allows users to edit the lyrics after downloading and attach chords over your lyrics. So this is the last choice for our viewers, and you can download it whenever you want.


We will conclude our list of best lyrics apps for Android here, and we hope our users loved reading our article. You can find any app which suits your needs or desires, lyrics for sure help you to sing songs and create them. There are hundreds of other apps available, and you can suggest us if you find some better lyrics apps. That’s all for the moment. GoodBye!


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