Best Apps Like Dumpor
Best Apps Like Dumpor

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a viewer-only private Instagram platform that offers free access to Reel, Posts, and Stories. Yes! You have the option to view your Instagram feed secretly. This feature may be helpful to users who want to stay current on postings but don’t want to be inundated with advertising or other annoying information. Dumpor also offers a search feature that enables you to hunt for particular individuals or hashtags in your feed.

The software’s goal was to increase user convenience and privacy when they browse social media. On both iOS and Android smartphones, you may get it for free. Using this, you may see what your friends are doing on Instagram without adding them as followers first. Additionally, you may utilize it to keep track of your development and determine how many individuals have seen your material.


  • Obtain images from Instagram
  • Instagram downloader
  • Download videos from Instagram
  • Instagram downloader in several languages
  • Free and Anonymous downloading


  • While most messaging applications let you create group chats and text messages, Dumpor goes a step further by allowing you to break up with people you don’t want in your life.
  • For instance, Dumpor enables you to effortlessly cut someone out of your life without having a contentious conversation about it if you’re a Facebook group member that no longer interests you or have outgrown a toxic high school connection.
  • Similarly, you may easily block someone on Dumpor if you think they are abusing your kindness by asking for money too frequently. This way, they won’t know what happened.
  • It also provides chat rooms where you may talk about anything from politics to health issues anonymously, in addition to the ability to block other users.
  • These chat rooms are ideal for folks who want to have constructive disagreements without having their identities associated with them. It might be the best option if you’re seeking a means to cast some light on significant issues without becoming personally invested in them.


  • Additionally, there are certain disadvantages to utilizing this software, including the fact that not everyone has access yet and that cyberbullying occasionally happens.
  • Many users claim that they feel more secure discussing personal information on Dumpor than in person or on other messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Snapchat regarding privacy.
  • Dumpor provides a higher level of anonymity and makes it simpler for users to report lousy activity than other social media sites.
  • Dumpor allows you to email reports directly from your phone swiftly—no lengthy forms are needed! Most social media platforms require you to fill out long forms before reporting someone else’s posts or photographs.
  • Unfortunately, using this app excessively (by spending hours a day speaking) may harm your relationships in real life.

Top 10 Best Apps Like Dumpor Online

1. izoomYou:


If you want to groom your Instagram profile images extensively, you have come to the perfect place. Instagram profiles can be easily seen and expanded with the help of izoomYou. The primary purpose of the app is this. It’s not the end, though. You may see and download Instagram stories, posts, and profile photographs from your mobile device without doing anything. You don’t need to do anything to find and follow the people you desire.


Another tool that lets you download other people’s Instagram stories is You can use this program to become a skilled stalker without leaving any traces. Instagram stories are simple to read and save from practically every public account. It can also be used to appreciate the content naturally. Enter your user name and click the Download button to download statuses. Choose the article and highlight that you want to download next.

3. Instalkr:


This software helps download or view stories and lets you view the stories of individuals you like anonymously. You cannot download anything from there, but you may see all of their stories privately. You can use it to track down your stalker and see who has looked at your online profiles. It enables you to follow users on IG and covertly browse their stories without leaving any traces behind. You can find out who has been stalked, thanks to this.

4. StoriesIG:

Best Coding Apps

For individuals who want to view stories and follow people’s status updates, StoriesIG is a fantastic tool. Additionally, you can download them straight from their account. All tales are available for anonymous viewing and free download from the person’s Instagram account. Click the view button after entering your Instagram username. Wait a short while. You can watch the videos as soon as the app loads them without registering.

5. Storiesgrams:


Storiesgrams is another app that lets you browse and download Instagram content privately. With the fantastic technology Storiesgrams, you can see and download stories, IGTV movies, posts, reels, and other media without exposing who you are. Simply hitting the download button will give you access to it. You can still download the Instagram content that piques your interest even if you don’t have Instagram.

6. Instasaved:


One of the top Instagram downloading websites is Instasaved. It makes downloading all of your favorite Instagram content simple. You may instantly download other people’s stories in addition to images, videos, albums, and IGTV. You are not required to log in or meet any other prerequisites. You only need to visit the website to begin downloading anything from any Instagram account. You can download media from Instasaved, a well-known photo-sharing service worldwide.

7. Story saver for Instagram:

Story saver for Instagram

A lesser-known but crucial tool for downloading Instagram videos and photo stories is this one. You may immediately download Instagram stories to your phone with a single click. You can download reports from public Instagram accounts to your phone. It lets you download stories directly to your smartphone and republish Instagram accounts. You may look through your Instagram feed and even locate exciting tales.

8. Pixwox:


You may see Instagram posts and download them using Pixwox and Instagram stories. Instagram posts, as well as novels, can be seen and downloaded. You can view and download your desired username using Pixwox. You can access both public and private accounts offline or download them. It supports a variety of well-known hashtags, such as girl, life and sports, happy, beautiful, and in love, as well as hashtags for fashion, art, food, travel, and other topics you might find interesting.

9. 4K Stogram:

4K Stogram

Instagram stories, pictures, and videos are simple to download with a 4K Stogram. Downloading Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations for free is incredibly simple using a 4K Stogram. You can get media from many Instagram accounts using this service. Input your Instagram account, location, and hashtag in the app to download your media. After that, select the Download button.

10. Save Fast:

Save Fast

FastSave offers free browsing and downloading of images and videos from users’ intended Instagram accounts to all users worldwide. Fastsave – Reposting photos and videos is a well-liked method of keeping up with Instagram IDs. You may browse and download videos and photographs right away using this app. You may also republish full films or images with a few clicks. It provides simple surfing, high levels of security, and fast upload and download times.


There are many justifiable reasons why someone might desire to browse an Instagram account anonymously. An Instagram Story Viewer is unquestionably required by many, whether it’s to monitor your child’s profile as a parent, spy on a rival’s page, or comprehend an influencer’s reach.

The instruments mentioned above expertly carry out this task. They allow you to read a story anonymously, download high-quality content, share it online, and carry out all of these actions without creating an account of your own.

As for our suggestions, choose the user-friendly Qoob if you want an incognito Instagram Story viewer that enables automated content downloading. In gramer is adequate for social media marketing and offers simple profile monitoring tools.


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