Ford has become one of the latest automobile makers to turn it’s vehicle operating systems to Google. Ford is a Michigan based company that has announced that from 2023, it will use Google’s Android to power the infotainment systems in its cars. This simply means that Android applications like Google Maps and Google voice assistant will be available in Ford cars. However, it does not require the use of an Android smartphone.

The integration of Google Android with Ford vehicles will allow the drivers and passengers to make use of Google Assistant to make changes like climate settings. iPhone people do not need to worry because Ford’d vehicles are still compatible with Apple CarPlay. Moreover, Ford continues to offer Amazon Alexa as an option in its vehicles.

The company has not made any extensive announcements related to Google Android features in their vehicles. These vehicles will be available all around the globe except in China. Other than this, the company is also going to sign a 6-year partnership with Google in order to avail its Cloud for its Google Android vehicle services.

This is a pivotal moment for Ford Motor Company. With the transformations in technology, Ford Motor Company has unveiled its most important partnership with Google in order to speed up their process of modernization. According to McClelland, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Ford Motor Company says:

“We’re going to leverage the talent and assets of both companies to push the boundaries of Ford’s transformation, unlock personalized consumer experiences, and drive disruptive, data-driven opportunities.”

The company feels proud of its partnership with Google and both the companies aim at providing a personalized customer experience. Moreover, the company also aims at finding data-driven opportunities. Therefore, by leveraging the power of Google Cloud, the company aims at transforming itself digitally. Moreover, they also want more trusted, secure and global cloud solution for their power connected vehicles.


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