Sony PlayStation

PlayStation controllers are well-liked by gamers due to their high build quality and attractive design. These controllers are compatible with PCs and Android phones, although a specialized PlayStation controller for smartphones will be released soon.

The information comes from a recently leaked Sony design patent, which depicts a PlayStation-style controller linked to a smartphone. Take a look at the patent image below for further information.

Sony PlayStation

This controller looks to be split into two sections that attach to the top and bottom of your phone. The controller’s attachment method is not specified in the patent, although it will most likely be magnetic. The two parts can also be joined to form a conventional controller with Bluetooth connectivity.

Smartphone gaming is becoming more popular as smartphones get more powerful with each iteration. We already offer a large range of gaming phones from Asus ROG, Xiaomi Black Shark, ZTE Nubia, and other manufacturers.

Sony is most likely hoping to cash in on the burgeoning mobile gaming sector. It would be very profitable in areas like China, where smartphone gaming is very popular and even has an Esports culture.

In any event, we recommend treating this information with caution because it comes from a design patent, which seldom makes it to market.


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