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Emails are one of the most methods of internal and external communication. Whether your business is big or small, you must have a dedicated email server. Soon, those still utilizing shared servers or unstable hosting services will be required to upgrade to dedicated email servers. Using dedicated servers for email marketing purposes offers several advantages, including maximum security and convenience.

What are Dedicated Email Marketing Servers?Advantages Of Using Dedicated Servers For Email Marketing

On the server, only one company’s email is stored. The server’s owners are entitled to any use that meets their requirements. This email hosting service provides its clients with exclusive use of hardware and a secure data center, as opposed to sharing these resources with others.

This is an ideal option for businesses in need of a dependable, high-performance dedicated email server hosting solution. The server can safely and securely host multiple email accounts. Additionally, a dedicated email server allows for more precise management of attachment file sizes.

Why Your Own Email Server Is Necessary

Complimentary electronic mail numerous prominent email providers, such as Yahoo and Hotmail, reject messages sent via local SMTP servers. Utilizing a dedicated email marketing server is advantageous for your business. In addition, it increases the likelihood that your emails will be delivered to the inbox, as opposed to the spam folder.

Email makes it simple to compose, send, and receive messages. Regardless of the service or app, you employ, you can only send a limited number of emails through your email server. If you reach this limit, your server will cease sending emails from your account immediately. Therefore, it is possible to send many emails via bulk email services without fear of having them blocked.

Email marketing using dedicated servers has the following advantages:

Since a dedicated server only stores and processes data for a single website, all of its resources are devoted to that website. Because there is less traffic on the data highways, the browser can receive the site’s data quickly. This will result in contented visitors and, more importantly, improved search engine rankings. When it comes to web hosting, using inexpensive dedicated hosting for email marketing offers numerous advantages.

Enhanced Page Loading Times

According to research, 40% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Among the repercussions of even a single second of delay are:

  • An 11% decrease in page views
  • A 7% decline in conversions.
  • Customer satisfaction levels will decline by 16%.

Significantly affecting search engine optimization is the time it takes for a page to load.

A quicker loading time

After realizing in 2010 that users disliked waiting while pages loaded, Google began rewarding site owners who sped up page loading times. In 2018, the search engine giant increased the importance of page load speed as a ranking factor. The new page 1 and page 2 average load times are 1.19 and 1.29 seconds, respectively. Two of the most common determinants are the site owner’s investment in a dedicated server and the site’s hosting quality.

The ability of shared servers to provide the necessary speed for a website to rank highly varies greatly. Because it only processes data for one website, a dedicated server for email marketing loads information and processes transactions more quickly. When you decrease your site’s load time, you improve your search engine rankings, which leads to an increase in visitors and customer satisfaction.

Responsibility for the Archives

The data that powers a website resides on a server. When configuring a shared server, the storage requirements of its numerous users are taken into account. Using satisfactory dedicated servers allows you to meet your organization’s specific data storage and processing requirements with greater ease.

The ability to strike a good balance between storage and power typically results in faster data access, which directly correlates to a more satisfying user experience. When a company grows, the number of visitors to its website increases, as does the pressure to meet demand. Due to the use of a shared server, customers may experience slow page loads, which is problematic because this is precisely when they need a positive experience.

A Particular Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Each server uses a unique IP address when connecting to the internet. Each IP address serves a dual function:

  • Emphasizes the uniqueness of its web interface relative to others on the Internet.
  • Indicates the actual site headquarters.

On a shared server, multiple domains utilize the same system resources and share the same username and password. Unfortunately, Google blacklists the IP address associated with an unethical website administrator. If one website owner on a shared server engages in spamming or buying backlinks, all sites hosted on that server may be penalized. A website’s unique identity can be preserved on a dedicated server for email marketing. As long as it is well-managed, no one can blame it for its failures or punish those responsibly.

Global Safety Improvements

When hosting their websites, many companies worry about the security of their customer’s personal information. Thus, hosting on a dedicated email server provides a more secure environment. If one website on a server encounters a problem, all websites on that server are at risk. The carelessness of a single webmaster could result in the revenue loss of other hosted websites.

When using a dedicated server, you can rest assured that other users’ scripts will not interfere with yours. Using a dedicated server with a unique IP address also provides enhanced security against cyberattacks, which are anticipated to cost businesses around $2 trillion in 2019 alone. Not to mention the potential loss of business from customers who decided not to return following significant attacks.

Greater Potential for Customization

With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the design and content of your website. Nonetheless, as a business grows, it may need to swiftly and seamlessly increase its bandwidth or implement a new program, which is essential.

On a dedicated server, web developers can use any programming language and install any necessary software. The central processing unit, random access memory, and hard drive can be tailored to the specific needs of corporations. Due to the fact that every business has unique requirements, a shared server cannot provide this level of customization. Consequently, customers are typically limited to the settings, applications, and software installed by the hosting provider on the shared server.

Customer Service

Depending on which web hosting provider you choose, the quality of support you receive may vary considerably. However, dedicated email server hosting provides businesses with superior support. In addition, dedicated server hosting providers typically have fewer clients, enabling them to dedicate more resources (such as additional servers) to each.

Regardless of the type of server you choose, it is essential to investigate your options for contacting a human in the event of problems. Determine how service providers prefer to be reached (telephone, email, chat?). Additionally, observe how pleased customers are with the service you provide by reading online reviews.

Closing Remarks

Navicosoft is the only dependable data center that offers the cutting-edge advantages of using dedicated servers for Email Marketing. For increased uptime and security, Navicosoft has multiple servers located in various non-seismic zones around the globe. Since 2004, Navicosoft has provided a variety of satisfied clients with solutions, and the company remains committed to exceeding these clients’ highest expectations. Regarding solutions for Email Marketing servers, Navicosoft has a team of experts prepared to assist you.


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