A Snapchat private story is one that only a select handful of your Snapchat pals may watch. You can create one by heading to your profile and selecting the three dots next to the private narrative option.

The most difficult aspect of a private story is coming up with unique story names to set your group apart from the rest. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of over 1000 private narrative titles for you to pick from when naming your next life adventure. You will get many ideas like:

  • Creative private story names
  • Good private story names
  • Funny private story name
  • Cute private story names

private story names

Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas 2022

Funny Private Story Name:

Private narrative names that are amusing are simply more memorable. If you give your intimate story a witty name, no one will forget it.

It’s always vital to have a nice story name, especially if you have a Snapchat account. You want to make sure it’s funny and engaging enough that people will watch it.

Here are some Funny Names Ideas:

I Spy on You All the Time
I’m Not Laughing
I’m an adult now
I’m not perfect
I’m a terrible adult
I am from Mars
I wish I could do that
I know it’s not a good idea
I’m a terrible adult
I’m not an animal
No private story name for this Snapchat
So much for the camera
My life is a waste of time
Ugly stuff
Brave today
Don’t tell my mom
Mars Partying
The one with the huge secret
Big agenda
Two bevs
Goodbye to boring stories
Drama queen
Just like all the other girls
Hot and sticky
Bad girl
Fat chicks
No filter needed
Trouble makers
The truth hurts
The story of my life
It’s not my fault
Hungry for trouble
How to get away with murder
No need to be a hero today
The best of the worst
Why are you here?
The chamber of secrets
No filter needed here
Worst story ever
Biggest clown in town
Don’t mess with the best
How not to parent
I’m a terrible dad/mom
The most interesting man/woman
Inside the womb
The best content
The rest is history
It’s just a story
The only one who knows
No need to be perfect
I’m the best of my worst
Could be worse
Don’t judge me
My first time
Inside the womb
The best content
Smile for the camera
My life in a nutshell
Snapchat Legends
Jam on toast
I’m not a good person
No need to apologize for my story
The not so happy ending
Boyfriend and chill
Don’t try this at home
My life in five words
The life and times of me
Hairless monkey
How to be an adult
I have a secret
No fat chicks
Only my dog can understand me
Naughty and nice

Good Private Story Names

When taking a more serious approach, a decent private Snapchat story name is best. The goal of such a story is to make your audience feel like you’re in charge. It must demonstrate that you are willing to take risks in your life. If you’re ready to start a new tale, here are some ideas for Snapchat private story names:

I’m not perfect but I try
I’m the one and only me
I’m here coz I love myself
This is a private story for me only
I don’t like Mondays
Don’t judge a book by cover
Be kind to one another
Best things in life are free
Haters make me stronger
Stay petty
Laughter is the best medicine
Play with life
My cat’s name is Chubby
My life in photos and videos
Good things happen
Haters are my motivators
Just being me
My life, my rules
Captain of my ship
The story of me
A little more of me
Good vibes only
A dreamer is never bored
Life is a journey
Love is all you need
My life is always an adventure
This is my world of color
No filters here. It’s all me
I’m just living life
It’s all smiles now
Don’t forget to smile today

Creative Private Story Names

Snapchat stories are images and videos that capture the emotions of a few moments in your life in only a few seconds.

As a result, the name of your private story should reflect those feelings. That is exactly what creative names aim to do.

These are the most creative private narrative ideas we’ve come up with:

I know when to keep it cool
I am a social butterfly
I am a space cadet
I am way too happy
I am a real live wire
I am the queen of awesome
The world is my catwalk
This is going down in history
I make the ice cream melt
Dare me to be your favorite
Look at this vogue goer
My attitude is so bad
The coolest girl you know
Every day is a blessing
My life is such an open book
This is my jam for the night
My life is like a work of art
I am so full of energy
I’m living in the moment
Every day is a blessing
My life is just too wild
I put my heart on the line 4 U
I’m way too happy

Cute Private Story Names

Snapchat’s cute private story names are a fun game to play with your buddies. Once you’ve accumulated enough content, these private story titles can be utilized as a running gag or just a fun name to distinguish yourself from other stories.

I need a vacation. Please?
My new BF, The camera
Until next time
Goodbye for now
Enjoying the moment
Watch me do it
I don’t mean to brag
I am not crazy, I promise
First day on the job
I’m lost without you
Make a wish
The story of me and you
My first time
Love me forever
I could go on all day
I don’t want to grow up
The most imp. Lesson
I just woke up
I’m finally following my dreams
Why are we here
It’s just the beginning
My greatest teenage years
What are you waiting for?
A new journey begins today
Secret passion
The inside scoop
Love is in the air
You won’t believe
Love me forever
For the real ones
Smile because it happened
Under your spell
You won’t believe
Let the games begin
Just for you
I give the best hugs
Inspired by the bold and brave
You make me feel it
Inside story
We just started dating
Something interesting
Just winning
Look at me now
What a drag
Let it rain
Doing this for family fun
Imagine the possibilities
Lovely day
Day one in paradise
This is not my beautiful house
Sunshine in my soul
You’re in my heart
Naughty secret lover
Make it possible
Be the moment
Every second counts
You do you
Friday nights
My daily story
Friday nights
Last night
Sunny day
Life’s a snap
Just a quick snap
A secret admirer
Kindness kingdom
Awesome hair day
The lol life
Secrets to be told
Lazy sunday
Walk of shame selfie
Private life
Story of my life
Legends only
Warm and willing
Express yourself
My inner circle
Cut the cameras
Open 24 hours
Miles of smile
My spam spot
Recycle bin
Ride or dies


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