Unlike the torrent sites that provide trackers, SkyTorrents has its own metasearch engine that scans torrent files from sites like, Torrent9, and The search engine index has thousands of downloads, but for the geeks among you, finding torrents in French can be tough because the majority of the files, particularly films, are in VO or English Subs.

What Is SkyTorrents? (not is a new torrent search engine that focuses on privacy. It was started in February 2018. It’s like Google/Yahoo, except for BitTorrent exclusively. The project is still in its infancy.


1: Torlock

Some of the most trusted downloads may be found on the site. The majority of its references are from a time when users were rewarded $1 for reporting fraudulent links, while there is no proof that this offer is currently genuine. Torlock also claims to operate under a stringent privacy policy. Developers do not record your actions or track you throughout the internet. The same can’t be said for other torrent download sites. Finally, Torlock appears to be one of the few free torrent sites that care about its reputation. It commits to reply to all notices of DCMA’s reduction within three days.

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2: IsoHunt

ettv proxy

IsoHunt is a great alternative to this. It is another well-known torrent indexing service that provides a diverse selection of torrents in a variety of genres. On isoHunt, you can very easily search for torrents, you can browse various areas and download torrents of your choice. Unfortunately, isoHunt decided to pay $ 110 million in a settlement with the MPAA in 2013, after a lengthy legal struggle. IsoHunt, on the other hand, is backed up and active under a new domain name, and it can be utilized as a viable replacement.

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eztv unblocked

RARBG has established itself as one of the tropics’ most established places. The site provides a lot of information and concentrates on high-quality video releases. With its “Top 10” lists in several categories, it also provides a unique yet effective means of discovering new files. Because of its popularity, this site has become one of the most frequented domains on the internet. It is always in the top 350 on Alexa.

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4: 1337X

At first appearance, 1337x appears to be a more sophisticated version of the Sky Torrents search engine. It features a dark appearance and an intuitive design with huge buttons for each stream category. You may use the Sky Torrents search engine to view which torrents are currently trending, the top 100 most downloaded torrents, or simply search for torrents.

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5: YTS

The YIFY organization (also known as the YTS) was devoted to distributing popular movie streams. The superb quality and tiny file size of the video are well-known. Due to legal action from the Motion Picture Association of America, the organization was forced to shut in 2015. Having access to torrents, such as the greatest sites, allows you to download your favorite stuff for free online. makes it simple to locate and download games, music, software, and movies. The appealing design of our site assures that you can get a good look at torrents of all types. Because of the program’s visual interface, you won’t have to bother about browsing and looking for streams. Everything on this site is vetted and well-managed.

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6: LimeTorrents

eztv series

If you can’t find the torrent you’re looking for, check out LimeTorrents, a site that sprang to prominence a few years ago. Filters for Movies, Music, TV Shows, Games, Apps, and Anime are available, as are professional tools such as a top torrent, cloud search, and torrent health trackers. LimeTorrents has long been the league’s most popular game torrenting site when it comes to lime torrentz. In terms of astonishment, though, it does not end there. You can use LimeTorrents to download music, movies, e-books, software, and a number of other things from the internet. It also includes material that you and your family can enjoy together. Despite the fact that it is illegal in some countries, a VPN can provide you with free and easy access to the site.

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For enhanced security, Torrentz2 is also available as an onion site via Tor router. Like the YIFY crew, EZTV generated torrent files and shared them on other prominent torrent sites. EZTV opted to take the project in-house and set up one of its own routes to Pirate Bay while KickassTorrents dealt with legal difficulties.

The site’s design isn’t as user-friendly as some of its competitors, but the quality and variety of the streams keep users coming back. EZTV is a well-known name when it comes to downloading television collections. EZTV television Torrent has been delivering full TV shows and anime series for years, and EZTV customers have been unable to locate a better torrent community for getting such excellent TV torrents so rapidly. For years, the internet platform has been developing itself by, among other things, adding new features, filters, and better torrents.

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8: Zooqle

rarbg proxy

Zooqle is a relative newcomer to the list of the best SkyTorrents Proxy rivals, but it has swiftly gained traction thanks to its 4.2 million verified streams, 6.9 PB of data, and outstanding software and video content integration. The Zooqle user community, in particular, may have had a considerable impact on the site’s appearance and functionality. The end result is a simple-to-navigate homepage with RSS feeds and subscriptions for anyone who registers.

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9: ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent’s journey continues, and any new admirers are welcome to join in. ExtraTorrent is a site that is more than simply a torrent tracker. Its creators might write books about the consequences of believing in digital liberty, since it epitomizes the ethos of file sharing.

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10: TorrentDownloads

eztv ag

TorrentDownloads is a website that no longer exists. Since Pirate Bay, TorrentDownloads has claimed to be one of the first torrent sites on the internet. TorrentDownloads was, in fact, the most popular torrent site on the planet. Unfortunately, after being taken by US officials, the site was demolished, but it has since risen from the ashes. TorrentDownloads remains a trustworthy service that is easy to use and download the files you desire, despite the fact that the torrent file library in the site directory has fallen since its height.

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Is It Safe?

There are many hazards associated with using this. Obviously, their success is virtually entirely owing to widespread piracy, and downloading pirated content is prohibited in almost every country in the First World. If you don’t mind, there are other hazards to consider. SkyTorrent has been around for a long time, which isn’t necessarily reassuring.

What Are the Benefits?

With limitless access, the privacy aspect is free. SkyTorrents top 100 list: which offers a ranking of the top 100 most downloaded files SkyTorrents proxy top 100 lists.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Advertising that appears in pop-up windows is ineffective. Files in the French language Seeds and leechers indications aren’t always reliable. For anyone who has used SkyTorrent as a torrent client. There is hope for the first time in a long time. You can continue to enjoy torrents with these excellent SkyTorrents alternatives.


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