sim not provisioned mm#2

It’s not always easy to get a new SIM card to work properly, and the ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ or ‘sim not provisioned mm#2’ issue can arise.

We’ll look at why you can get this issue when switching SIM cards and what it means. SIM cards carry data that can be used to identify your cellphone account. Because the IMEI number identifies your phone as yours on the mobile network, you can make calls and use the internet.

What is SIM Not Provisioned?

You’re using a dual-SIM phone if this error message includes a phone number.
Because both slots are numbered, you can see something like sim not provisioned mm#2. When you use the answers below, you’ll only have to go through the steps twice, once for each SIM card. Also, read How To Fix Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Error.

Why This Error Occurs?

When you try to register a new SIM card, you may receive this error. If it happens when you aren’t trying to register a new SIM card, it’s likely that your SIM is defective and has to be changed. When one of the following events occurs, this error is most likely to occur:

  • You’re switching SIM cards and need to transfer your phone contacts.
  • You purchased a new phone as well as a new SIM card.
  • The SIM card is not properly inserted.
  • The server of your mobile network provider is unavailable.

If you try to use a SIM card that has been locked to another phone, you may encounter the error. The SIM card must be unlocked before it may be used in any compatible phone. Devices connecting to the Google Fi network may experience this issue. This is a hybrid of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Also, read How To Fix If Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On.

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned?

Restart Your Phone

Turning the phone off and on again might sometimes cure the problem. Wait a few seconds after turning off the phone.

Restart it and check to see if the SIM card is active and the error warning has vanished. If this solves the issue, it was either the SIM activation or the network.

Your Sim Card Must Be Activated

Within twenty-four hours of being inserted into a new phone, a SIM card is usually automatically activated. However, if it does not activate within this time range, you have three options:

  • Send a text message.
  • Dial an automated phone number.
  • Go to the activation page on the carrier’s website.
  • Depending on the provider, different SIMs offer different options.

Check the SIM card is properly inserted

Check to see if the SIM card is correctly inserted. An ill-fitting SIM could also be the blame for the issue. It’s possible that the SIM card slot is poorly designed. Turn off the phone and look for the SIM card.

To get to it, you might have to remove the battery. If your phone does not have a detachable battery, the SIM card slot is most likely on the side. To open the caddy in which the SIM is sitting, you’ll need a SIM eject tool. To eject the SIM card, look for a small hole on the side of your phone and insert the tool.

Make sure you remove the SIM card, not the microSD storage card, as the SIM card can be difficult to remove. A pair of tweezers can come in handy. Blow on the removed card and use a lint-free cloth to dust it.

Replace it in the slot, making sure it’s in the right place. Next to the slot, there will most likely be an engraving or sticker indicating which way to insert it. Also, read How To Fix Twitch Error 2000.

Get New Sim Card

If none of the following suggestions work and your carrier is unable to detect the problem, you may need to purchase a new SIM card.

You can get an eSIM if your phone supports it. Going to a local phone shop rather than calling your network is usually faster. It’s much better if you have a local branch of your network nearby.

They can conduct some SIM diagnostics to see whether the ‘sim not provisioned mm#2’ issue you’re having may be resolved. Since they go through everything in their process, they will most likely repeat some preceding steps. If you require a new SIM card at the end of this process, the store will be able to do so with their particular gear.

The new SIM card will then be linked to your phone account. One of the aforementioned alternatives should work as long as the SIM you’re trying to use fits into the slot in your phone and is compatible. Also, read How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error.

Last Words

If the problem persists after you’ve restarted the phone, checked that the SIM is properly seated, activated the SIM, called your phone carrier, and attempted a new SIM card. Your network or carrier will need to provide you with a replacement SIM card.


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