As a result of WhatsApp’s new updated privacy policy, a major chunk of people have started shifting to Signal and Telgram. All three platforms offer encryption for chats but they have some other exclusive features for the users as well. Although Signal is not similar to WhatsApp but the company now plans to roll out some WhatsApp like features to enhance the user experience.

Custom Wallpapers

Just like WhatsApp, Signal also plans to offer custom wallpapers to the users. Users can choose different wallpapers for different chats. This feature will be available to both iOS and Android users.

Personal Status

Signal will also allow users to update their personal or ‘about’ status to update their contacts about their mood. There are different options related to ‘about’ status offered by WhatsApp and now Signal is going to roll out this feature as well. For example, “sleeping”, “at the gym”, “Away”, and “Urgent Calls Only”. Signal is also going to use this feature and add statuses like “coffee lover” so users can express themselves.

Animated Stickers

The animated sticker feature is also expected to be available on signal. It is one of the most popular feature of WhatsApp and users would love if it is available on Signal as well.

Starred Chats

WhatsApp has the feature of starred chats which makes it easier for the users to mark important messages. Signal is also expected to launch this feature to make the app more convenient for the users.

Low Data Mode

Under the ‘Data & Storage’ section of WhatsApp the users can switch to low data mode for calls. This helps the calls to consume less data from phone. Similarly, Signal is also launching this feature which also allow its users to to use less mobile data.

Contact Suggestion

WhatApp allows its users to see people with whom they chat frequently. Signal is also going to introduce this feature where people can find people they have talked more frequently to.

Preference for Downloading Media

WhatsApp allows users to download media in their phone and also allows them to choose option to autmatically save media in their devices. You also have the option to download the photos and videos on WiFi, Cellular or WiFi+Cellular. Signal is also most likely to introduce this feature in their app.

Group Calls

Currently WhatsApp allows up to 8 people in a group call. After the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy and a major chunk of people shifting to Signal, Signal is also improving its feature to allow up to 8 people in a group call.

Signal has not announced these features officially but after looking at the amount of people who have shifted from WhatsApp to signal, these features are expected to enhance the user experience. The app wants to maintain its popularity among people and this will also help Signal to increase its market share in the industry.


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