For the first time ever, Google and Samsung are bringing their smart home platform together. Beginning in January 2021, Samsung’s SmartThings will be supporting Google Nest Devices. This will build a bridge between the two pioneers of the industry, both performing well with their products and services in the industry.

Owners of WWST (Work’s With Smart Things) devices earlier has to use separate software to manage the Google Nest products owned by them. Now following the collaboration next month, all the Google Nest products can be controlled with the help of the SmartThings platform. The products will qualify for WWST automatically with this collaboration.

Samsung is one of the leading hubs for managing smart tech devices, and this partnership has further supported the company’s smart home platform. In 2014, Samsung bought SmartThings for $200 million. Since the company purchased SmartThings, it has helped in supporting thousands of different products because Samsung has integrated the platform with various smart home brands in the market. However, Google was always an exception. Now, Samsung has more than 120 certified brands and more than 63 million active users.

The all-new partnership of Samsung with Google Nest is going to be amazing. This means that now Google Nest products can be incorporated with SmartThings. Moreover, Samsung TVs and Family Hub Fridge can be streamed using Nest cameras and other Google devices.


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