Reportedly, Apple is developing a new accessory for the iPhone which is in the form of a battery pack. According to Bloomberg, the battery pack will magnetically attach to the rear of the device by using MagSafe. The battery pack will not be used as a piece of protective equipment for the iPhone.

With the details of a battery pack coming out for iPhones, the Apple phone lineup is not going to receive the support of wireless charging anytime soon. It is reportedly said that the battery pack was in development for a year. It was facing issues regarding the overheating of the battery pack which is also an issue for the iPhone software.

The charging battery pack will be available in the latest lineup of Apple accessories along with iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories. It will attach to the back of the phone with the help of an embedded circle of magnets. The previous accessories by Apple have included wall chargers as well as wallets which attach magnetically. It is also rumored that MagSafe will be returning for Apple laptops as well. Other than this, it is also in reports that Apple is interested in enabling its devices to charge one another.


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