Best Picuki Alternatives
Best Picuki Alternatives

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online service that allows you to download all of the photos and images from an Instagram (IG) account. The good thing is that downloading an image from a specific ID doesn’t require logging in or registering. The account ID of the image you want to download must be entered before you can view all of the publicly shared ideas on the IG account. With Picuki, you may modify other people’s uploaded photographs by applying filters, cropping them, adjusting the color and contrast, and many other features.


  • Free of charge.
  • It’s simple to edit and save an Instagram post.
  • No need to create a Picuki account or sign up.
  • Find popular hashtags and accounts quickly.
  • Copy and paste hashtags and captions.
  • Download the full-size Instagram profile image.
  • Several kinds of editing tools and filters.
  • Safe and secure.


  • It’s free, and you don’t have to enroll.
  • It simultaneously displays numerous persons and their content.
  • You may alter, resize, or download photographs using hundreds of free editing tools and filters.
  • You do not offer information about your clients that is not accessible to anyone else.
  • Every Instagram account ever created is viewable.


  • It doesn’t record your preferences or how you look for and find stuff.
  • On Instagram, there is no way to delete anything.
  • It doesn’t demonstrate the expansion of your account.

10 Best Picuki Alternatives 2022

1. StoriesDown:


Using this free online tool, you can enter Picuki alternatives with any Instagram username. It helps users recover information about recent posts made by that account. Instagram stories can also be viewed there. This works with open Instagram accounts, just as with other comparable websites. Because of this, if a particular profile is set to private, you won’t be able to read the posts and stories.

It can be proven a terrific platform if you know how to market your company correctly. Similar to this, Stories Down enables you to remain anonymous by preventing anyone from learning that you are following their posts and stories.


This is another fantastic way to view Instagram videos, photographs, or profiles online. With the help of the platform Fullinsta, you may browse Instagram as a guest, giving you access to most of the services.

Everyone, especially young people, enjoys browsing Instagram; that much is certain. However, most Instagram users know that third-party apps like InstaDP allow you to view a full-size image on Instagram. Although, relatively few people are aware that the requirements have changed since then. Thanks to several web platforms, you may now use Instagram without creating an account. It doesn’t matter if you view yourself as a full-fledged online intruder or if you only enjoy perusing other profiles occasionally.

With the support of several websites like this, comparable to Instagram, it is much simpler to browse Instagram without an account. With this option, you can browse Instagram without having to log in and avoid the difficulty of making a second Instagram stalker profile. A web-based Instagram profile viewer called Fullinsta. photo uses the Instagram API to display users’ unique content to viewers.

3. InstaXYZ:


A speedy, secure, and user-friendly Instagram reader is available for free at InstaXYZ. It enables you to look through every Instagram account and hashtag, as well as every piece of media, every remark, and every statistic. The website will display a list of well-known Instagram tags and users when you first arrive. Doing this makes you spend less time picking which accounts to check on or evaluate.

4. IGLookup:


Use IGLookup, an Instagram viewer Alternatives app, to view private Instagram photos from any Instagram account without making a request. You can check on their photo updates in private. The free web-based Instagram rivals like Picuki profile viewer promise that their service is ethical, secure, and above all, easy to use. No software has to be installed.

5. InstaDP:


An online tool called InstaDP, which is unrestricted, looks at more than just Instagram accounts and websites like Picuki tales. The application includes downloaders for Instagram Reel, Instagram Post, and Instagram Stories.

6. Hoverwatch:


Hoverwatch has long been the preferred mobile phone tracking app. It used to operate with a few social networking apps, such as this, but it has grown dramatically. The most recent update lets you watch someone’s Instagram page, including their chats.

7. InstaStories:


You may browse and read Instagram posts from the people you want to see anonymously using InstaStories. Use Alternatives to access this anonymous Instagram browser. To find websites similar to this, enter the necessary username into the search form and click the icon. Put the appropriate username in the search window by typing it in.

8. 4K Stogram:

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is the program to use if you want to download other people’s Instagram stories, pictures, and videos. Without spending any money, 4K Stogram makes it exceedingly simple to download Alternatives Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations. With this tool, you may quickly download the media you want from various Instagram accounts.

9. FastSave:


FastSave offers its international consumers the freedom to browse and download free photos and videos from any Instagram user they choose. The popular website Fastsave – Repost photo videos are used to find people’s Instagram IDs. You can watch movies and photos right away on IG Stories offline by downloading them with this app.


Visit if you wish to download someone else’s Instagram tales. You can use it to become a professional stalker and disappear simultaneously. On Instagram, you may easily view and download stories from almost all public accounts and take pleasure in things as they naturally occur.


It’s practical to use an Instagram reader and editor like Picuki. It is superior to using the Instagram app itself. It offers functionalities that are unavailable on Instagram. The benefit of using these tools is that you don’t need to worry about anything while browsing. Nobody will be able to tell that you are watching what they do or write.

It has many benefits for someone who enjoys browsing and checking someone else’s account. Nobody will even be able to prove they did it. However, it can be a little unsettling because you have no awareness that anyone is observing you. This type of application is unknown to certain people. As a result, they are not unaware that their privacy may be violated.

However, this application is still worthwhile. You might benefit from certain advantages and features in various ways. It might be appropriate in some circumstances.


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