Payroll Software Features

Questions about its function and potential productivity benefits may arise for those unfamiliar with payroll software. The term “payroll software” refers to a system used by businesses to manage payroll and pay their employees. Payroll software eliminates the need for human calculation of payroll taxes for both employees and employers. Payroll checks and direct deposit options are typically included in software packages for this purpose. Payroll data can be saved in the program, and it’s simple to generate payroll reports.

A comprehensive payroll system takes care of the deposits and filings of federal, state, and local taxes. Therefore, business owners may rest assured that their withheld taxes will be appropriately reported and sent to the Internal Revenue Service and any applicable state agencies.

Payroll software, in a nutshell, can help you save time and effort by automating the payroll process. Imagining a more efficient method of handling payroll? Perhaps the functionality of your current system is inadequate for your company’s demands. Plus, you might not know precisely what functions you need at the outset. Whether you’re looking to switch payroll systems or are just starting, the features listed below are necessities for every payroll program.


Payroll records must be safely and securely stored to ensure efficiency and accuracy. After all, a great deal of sensitive information is stored there. If you use payroll software, all of your financial data will be safely and neatly stored in one place.

Payroll software determines how much money is left over after taxes and other deductions have been taken out of an employee’s paycheck. If you did it manually, you would have to spend time looking up numbers in the IRS’s income tax withholding tables and input them into a calculator. With the use of software, a task that used to take some businesses hours may now be finished in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to worry about filing and depositing taxes with full-service payroll.

Consider the time and effort required for calculating payroll manually. To enter figures into a calculator. Using withholding tables to calculate federal income tax. It is important to remember to increase regular compensation by 1.5 times if an employee works overtime. Payroll mistakes can occur at any of these stages. However, with payroll software, you can rest assured that no employee will have an erroneous amount of money withheld from their paychecks due to human error.

Payroll Software Features

Auto tax updates

When evaluating software, it is essential to ensure that it can automatically update tax information. After all, the best software is the one that minimizes the time spent on mundane tasks.

If you use cloud-based or online payroll, you only need a web browser to go to your account. Cloud-based software has the benefit of being automatically updated to reflect any changes to tax rates or legislation, sparing you the trouble of manually keeping track of these details.

Easy Deposit

How do salaries and benefits work? You’ll need direct deposit-compatible software if you opt for this common payment method. Direct deposit is a feature offered by the majority of online payroll services. It’s important to get questions answered before committing to any service.

Quick and Simple Setup

Just getting started is a huge step toward mastering a new system. In addition, before you can process payroll after signing up for new payroll software, you’ll need to enter some data about your company and your employees.

To start processing payroll, you’ll need specifics about your company, like its EIN, bank account number, and SUTA tax rate. However, because your employees are the payroll focus, your responsibilities do not end there. To complete the puzzle, you’ll also need personnel data.

Easy Payrolls

How often do you process payroll? Weekly, bimonthly, semimonthly, or monthly. Some payroll software providers may charge you more if you use their service frequently.

Why? Instead of a set monthly fee, your cloud payroll service may charge you each payroll. As a result, it costs more to pay workers on a weekly basis than it would on a monthly basis.

However, some services only have a one-time fee rather than a per-payroll-run fee. It is possible to find a payroll service that charges a flat rate and allows you to process an infinite number of payrolls. If you make a mistake and have to run an extra payroll, you won’t incur any more fees because “unlimited payrolls” mean exactly that.

Mobile friendly

It seems as though everyone has a mobile phone these days. Don’t you think your program should? Find mobile-friendly payroll software if you want to manage payroll on the fly.

While some payroll systems are mobile-friendly, others require you to download a separate app. Mobile-friendly software that doesn’t require an app is a good option if you’re concerned about space on your phone or tablet.


Your company is one of a kind. And your payroll, right? Indeed, this is why many payroll services let you tailor your own payroll to your specific needs. Look for a program that allows you to change items like working hours, deductions, and employer contributions to suit your needs. It’s possible to streamline payroll processing with recurring currency kinds.

Employee Portal

A software solution with a dedicated employee portal can help alleviate some administrative burdens. How so? In most cases, employees won’t need to contact you to make changes to their profile or withhold information or access or print pay stubs.

Before deciding on a payroll service, it’s a good idea to find out if they give a free employee portal, also known as an employee self-service (ESS) portal. If that’s the case, you should investigate how complicated it is to set up and what features it lacks.


Payroll software simplifies and automates the payment of workers by itself. But is there anything else it can do? Absolutely. Try to find payroll software that can easily communicate with your current programs. That way, even less time will be spent keying in data by hand.


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