Best Paid Time Off Tracking Software

You may track employee leaves more efficiently with the aid of PTO or paid time off tracker software. The platform accurately portrays the status of your team’s time off at all times, including sick days, corporate holidays, and yearly vacations.

By making sure each leave request gets to the appropriate person in the approval process, it eliminates the usual back and forth of emails or handwritten requests. You may rely on our software whether you are a small, medium, or large, international organization. What else? With the help of such software, you can also create custom leave policies for your company and tell everyone to follow them.

Best Paid Time Off Tracking Software


You can easily keep track of your employees’ vacation and PTO using Clockify, one of the reputable free options. This system can track all types of leaves, including personal time off, sick days, vacations, and government holidays. Additionally, you can specify the usual leave and vacation policies based on the needs of your firm. It saves you time and resources by giving you immediate access to the PTO calendar.


BambooHR provides you with an easy-to-use PTO monitoring platform that combines basic features with powerful ones. Every leave request may now be routed through the program to the correct manager, resulting in a quicker approval process. These leave request alerts are delivered via email, mobile, and BambooHR inbox. To prevent disputes, it syncs with your calendar so you can choose whether to approve or reject the leave.

The system then notifies the employee and automatically updates the information in their leave balance, promoting smooth organizational operations. It gives you more control over arranging and planning organizational training sessions and events that call for a full house.

QuickBooks Time

You can automatically track and manage employee leaves and paid time off using QuickBooks Time’s PTO tracker. According to your specific business demands, the program enables you to set policies for both paid and unpaid time off. Using this software, employees can request time off by the hour and the day via the web or a mobile app. The system uses emails and messages to provide alerts.

The calendar view precisely represents direct input and authorized time off. It gives accurate information on PTOs, reducing the likelihood of mistakes in payroll and shift scheduling.


The Mitrefinch PTO tracker can help you get things going, whether you’re managing your company’s paid time off policy or taking care of specific employee accruals. The software makes it easier to manage vacations and sick days for your full-time and part-time staff, which will help you save time and money. All the while assisting you in eliminating errors resulting from the conventional manual time off tracking systems.


Jibble is a paid time off tracker that is available for use by businesses. You may manage forthcoming leaves, assign time off, and create customized leave rules all from this all-inclusive program. Not only that, but the system also gives you precise information on the status and administration of PTO. What’s best? Using your laptop, phone, or tablet, you can keep on top of your leave management game. It turns into a solitary platform for scheduling, managing, and approving paid time off for your staff.


The labour involved in keeping track of and overseeing employee time off is eliminated with LeaveBoard’s PTO tracker software. The software is simple to use and intuitive. Using this tool, you may easily make custom leave policies for your company. Additionally, there is a self-serve platform that staff members can use to arrange their paid time off strategically. What’s best? Additionally, the system provides precise analytics and reporting capabilities to encourage better judgments.

HR Cloud

Your PTO tracking activities can be streamlined, automated, and simplified by utilizing the HR Cloud time off management software. The software has all the features required for a more efficient workflow, including automated notifications, centralized tracking of employee leaves, and calendar interfaces. With only one click, workers may request time off. Requests are delivered promptly to the relevant management, saving time over a manual procedure. What’s best? For ease of access and accuracy, all the data is centrally stored.

Built for Teams

Built for Teams provides a reliable PTO tracking tool that is also strong, adaptable, and simple to use. This solution makes it easy to create an endless number of leave policies that are specifically customized to your company objectives. This software helps you keep track of every form of time off you grant to your staff, including sick leaves, personal breaks, family vacations, and federal holidays. You can potentially enhance your vacation time depending on how many years an employee has worked for you.


Using Replicon’s time-off management software, you can track your team’s paid time off with unmatched global accuracy. It is a comprehensive solution with built-in compliance management capabilities to speed up your business. Holidays and leave rules cannot merely be defined but also managed based on the location, area, and employee type.

The system provides managers and staff with self-serve options for easier, quicker operations. With immediate notifications and remote access, it makes sure that you are always in the loop.


The management of your staff’s vacation and sick days is automated with the PTO tracking software solution from Bitrix24. This system simplifies the process of tracking employee leaves, regardless of whether your company is a major corporation or a medium-sized firm. It streamlines the approval procedure for your HR managers while also making it easier for employees to request time off.

It also provides limitless calendars, check-in and check-out statuses, and accurate metrics and reports for better decision-making. By giving managers and staff access to a self-service portal, it ends the back and forth of emails and texts.


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