Page Authority

What Is Page Authority?

Website Authority, or PA, is a score invented and maintained by marketing analytics business Moz to suggest where a certain page would rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Page authority is not to be confused with domain authority, which is used to determine the authority of a whole website.

How Page Authority is calculated?

MOZ developed a scale from 1 to 100 points for calculating Page Authority (PA), which is calculated using machine learning algorithms that examine more than 40 parameters. In general, the higher the score, the more likely a web page would rank highly in search results. It’s worth mentioning that as this score increases, increasing the PA gets more difficult.

Why Page Authority is Important?

This metric is critical for competition analysis; with it, you can study keywords, determine which pages or websites are best positioned, and determine the PA of each; with this knowledge, you can create tactics to improve your position in those results.

It should be emphasized that a well-executed SEO campaign with a high Page Authority (PA) will result in more visible results and, as a result, a more popular site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns

The critical point to remember is that Google’s rankings take significantly more into account than backlinks, as PA does – website owners should conduct a robust, complete SEO effort. This entails taking other ranking elements into account, such as page speed, web design, and mobile friendliness, to mention a few. Each component must be taken into account if you intend to boost your total ranks.

A second point to keep in mind while assessing or influencing your PA is the identity of your competition. If you operate a small e-commerce business, your competition will be other small e-commerce businesses. And a “good” PA for your site’s pages is very dependant on the pages of your competitors. No tiny e-commerce site is capable of competing with Amazon’s sites, nor is it necessary.

How to Check Your Page Authority?

Assume you want to quantify the authority of a particular web page. In that instance, various SEO and Internet Marketing solutions are available to assist you. Those given by Ahrefs, MOZ, or Majestic are among the most dependable.

MOZ¬†tool displays data on the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of any website or URL that a user is currently surfing. Additionally, it is beneficial to determine whether a site’s page authority correlates with greater rankings for specific queries.

Ahrefs tool, like MOZ, provides a big index of links and domains that enables you to analyze a website’s or page’s SEO performance.

What is good Page Authority?

You must be thinking the same thing. Many website owners ask this question in order to determine the optimal page authority score. There is no set number for page authority; it varies by niche market. In some niche markets, a PA 30 score may be sufficient to rank on the first page of Google, while in some highly competitive niches, a PA 50 score may be required. However, there is a procedure you may follow to determine the optimal PA score for every niche. List all of your top page competitors, verify their page authority, scroll down to their results, and average their scores.

This will give you a sense of how well your page stands out and how much additional effort you need to devote to SEO. The greater the page authority score, the more capable a page is of ranking in search engine results, particularly on Google.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Moz has created a number of authority measures, both direct and indirect. PA and DA are the two most well-known and commonly used. If you are a webmaster, you should also be familiar with the terms domain authority and page authority. While page authority indicates the anticipated ranking strength of a single page, domain authority indicates the overall visibility and ranking strength of a website.

How to Increase Page Authority?

Numerous techniques exist for increasing the Page Authority (PA); a few of them are listed below:


To boost the page authority, you can employ hyperlinks to other websites that have information comparable to yours, demonstrating to search engines that you are contributing value and therefore climbing the rankings.

Quality content

To improve your Page Authority, you must develop high-quality, unique, and valuable content for your users.

Social Media

Nowadays, you cannot ignore the importance of social media to visitors; utilizing them is a creative technique to boost the authority of a web page. By including shortcuts to sites like Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, users will be able to share your material with others.

Remove Spammy Blog Comments

Spammy blog comments including spammy links can have a negative effect on a page’s authority.

This black hat SEO method can be used to target certain pages in order to undercut their authority and ranking in the SERPs. Maintain vigilance and delete these remarks to undo the damage.


To properly place a website, it is vital to examine the significance of specific keywords by including them in the content via internal links and backlinks.

Last Words

Whatever your website and product are, you must strive to boost online traffic in order to fulfil your business objectives. Additionally, to determine whether your web page will be well-ranked by Google, you may check the page authority of your web pages. Pay close attention to the page authority score and do everything possible to increase it.

Additionally, there are numerous other strategies to increase the page authority; thus, identify and implement them to boost the score. The domain authority and page authority of a website are two of the most critical variables in SERPs.


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