Best Otakustream Alternatives
Best Otakustream Alternatives

What is Otakustream?

Otakustream is a new anime-streaming platform. This site offers a variety of free anime and movie series from third-party servers. This website lets you watch and download HD anime. You can access Otakustream’s database of films and other stuff anytime, anyplace. All new release series are featured on the home page, and categories and advanced search bars help you find your favorites. This is a community for anime fans. This website has numerous fascinating features that set it apart. Overall, it’s addicting for anime fans.


  • Sorts anime.
  • Genre-rich.
  • Free and premium plans.
  • Anime movies and serials galore


  • Anime streaming for free.
  • Category-based anime search and filtering
  • List “trending anime” or “popular anime.”
  • You can learn from others’ anime ratings.


  • This site’s creator is unknown. None.
  • To find anime by its English name, use the search bar.
  • Many adverts skip around.
  • Occasionally updated
  • You can’t tell if an anime is subtitled or dubbed from the home page; visit the series page.

10 Best Otakustream Alternatives

1. AnimeLab:


Animelab is a great place to watch HD anime hits and Japanese simulcasts. New episodes of free series are added every week. The site’s content is separated under Popular Shows, New Series, and Genres.
Each category has alternatives. Animelab streaming doesn’t require registration, but you must subscribe with a valid email address to receive news. Dragon Ball Super, Gangsta, Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, and more are on Otakustream alternatives.

2. GoGoAnime:


One way Otakustream distributes anime. GoGoAnime has a long-running English anime library. Due to the number of English-speaking animals, viewers watch English-language animation.
The website has English anime. It summarises each anime’s genre, duration, quality, rating, etc. You may also rank anime on their separate pages, helping other users find the best-rated shows.

3. Hulu:


Hulu is the most popular multi-platform service for streaming online movies. It has thousands of award-winning films and TV episodes. All digital media and operating systems can access this.
Hulu has the latest features, tools, and an easy-to-use interface, making it a popular choice. It enables you to watch anime, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies.

4. Netflix:


Netflix offers HD movies and TV shows from around the world. It’s a website including dramas, documentaries, action movies, comedy, and TV shows. Netflix has no adverts, only previews of TV shows.
Netflix has basic, standard, and premium plans. Viewers can acquire a 30-day free trial, but it’s brief. Anyone can join Netflix’s free program and get a month of free entertainment.

5. Daisuki:


Daisuki is a Japanese studio that streams anime. Otakustream has streaming anime. The website has premium content. Premium programs and materials require a subscription.
Daisuki’s user-friendly UI attracts users worldwide. After subscribing, you’ll get limitless streaming. This is the best anime website.

6. Anime-Planet:


Anime-Planet offers over 40,000 legal anime videos. It’s the world’s most reliable suggestion database and can help you watch anime online, make a list, and decide what to watch next. The 2001 anime and manga suggestion database has millions of users worldwide.
This site has the latest anime, manga, and anime characters. Otakustream’s huge anime community is very thrilling and engaging. This community discusses anime. You must register with a confirmed email address and other info to use the service.

7. Horriblesubs:


Horriblesubs is a new anime-streaming platform. It offers everyone on the internet access to free anime episodes and movies hosted on third-party servers. Watch and download HD anime series on the web.
You can access the Horriblesubs database from anywhere in the world. Horriblesubs is an essential, user-friendly Otakustream alternative. The site’s front page displays all of the new release series, categories, and a search bar.

8. AnimeShow:


AnimeShow is a popular site like this in the US and UK. Pop-up ads are the platform’s biggest drawback.
AnimeShow’s vast archive and episode metadata are likely factors. Simple user interface. It’s an easy-to-use website.

9. AnimeFreak:

Best AnimeFreak Alternatives

AnimeFreak offers free anime with subtitles and dubbing. Popular anime, upcoming releases, and genres might help you find anime series. Each has an updated list of resources.
AnimeFreak is a great alternative with all the same services and a user-friendly layout. Millions of users can access it from anywhere in the world, like other Otakustream options.

10. Animeultima:


Animeultima is a free anime streaming site. It’s an Otakustream offering anime-related movies, dramas, episodes, and new releases. The website also offers free and downloadable anime movies to engage visitors. Animeultima’s advanced search engine finds movies in seconds. A brief synopsis of each film provides information about the characters, plot, and other elements. If you prefer dubbed shows, you may also view those.


The list of sites like kissanime to watch anime for free online isn’t complete. Few sites offer this content. The list above includes the most significant alternatives as of this writing.


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