Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On

The term “Nintendo Switch wont turn on” is a vexing one for Mario kart or Zelda fans. Don’t be concerned, gamers! This is a common issue that is simple to resolve.

Because Switch is similar to a mobile device, a shortage of power can be a concern. Technically, you can use your device in the handheld position for 6 hours. We simply don’t know which direction we utilize it because gamers are strange in terms of usage.

Consider this scenario: you have a portion of your battery left and you connect in the charging cord, but it refuses to charge. “The earth is gently slipping away from your feet,” you suddenly realize. Don’t worry, the earth is still there, and your device isn’t broken. Here are several troubleshooting approaches and tips that you can use to resurrect your small pal. Also, read How To Fix Twitch Error 2000.

Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On Or Charge

Leave It For Many Hours

This strategy is ideal for folks who don’t play the Nintendo Switch too often. Plug your gadget in with the power cord and leave it for 6-10 hours if you haven’t played on it in weeks or months. I realize that sounds ridiculous, but this is a pretty basic explanation of how lithium-ion batteries function. If it hasn’t started after being plugged in for more than 10 hours, conduct a hard reset and try again.

Check the AC Adapter

Always use the adaptor provided with the device. This is required because third-party adapters do not follow specific protocols and may cause your device to operate poorly.

Run your charger through a power cycle. Take it down from the wall and set it aside for 30-60 seconds. Surprisingly, the gubbins inside your cords will come out and the device will turn on. Also, read How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error.

switch wont turn on

Perform Reset

This is one of the simplest approaches for resolving the Nintendo Switch not charging issue. A hard reset will clear your device’s memory of all bad sector allocations and return it to factory settings. Don’t worry, all of your information and preferences will be kept. For 12-15 seconds, press and hold the power button on the top of your device. Leave it alone for a moment and then push the power button as usual. A hard reset should hopefully solve the issue. Also, read how to unmatch on tinder.

Check If Adapter Has Any Damage

If your adapter is broken or not working properly, Nintendo has a specific system that prevents you from charging. First, look for any missing or bent pins inside the USB-C port. Second, look for any fraying on the cable. Finally, ensure that the adapter is in good working order and does not emit any odours. If you discover any flaws in your adapter, you can quickly replace it.

Change Your Adapter

The problem is almost always with the adapter, not with your device. The original Nintendo Switch adapter is available for purchase on the company’s website or on Amazon. The replacement does not come at a high cost. If this is the case, you can also replace the battery. Also, read How To Delete Reddit History.

Take Help From Support

If you’ve tried everything and still get your nintendo switch won’t turn on, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Visit the Nintendo Official Website and post your question in the Forum section. We’re confident that someone from the authority will contact you.

Send It To Be Replaced

You can truly claim your item if it is still under warranty. Contact customer service and request a replacement for your gadget. They will either fix the issue or replace your gadget.


We hope that your device has been repaired and that you can continue your Zelda adventure. A good rest and no charge will usually solve the problem. Nintendo can be compared to a little computer with an operating system. And, as we all know, the software is prone to flaws and faults. Don’t worry if your nintendo switch wont charge, simply follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be ok.


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