Google Stadia

All thanks to the new mobile application, Stadia can now be accessed on iPhone as well as Android!

After a year after its launch, Google Stadia comes to the iPhone and iPad. Last month Apple announced the mobile web beta for iPhone and iPad, and it is now launching today. This means that Stadia users will now be able to access the Stadia games library on Apple devices as well.

As a result of Apple’s restriction on cloud gaming applications, Google makes use of mobile Safari. This means that on AppStore, Stadia can not appear in its original form. Stadia can be accessed through Safari or by creating an icon on the home screen app. 

Google Stadia comes with a free tier, which means it is not restricted and also offers two free games. The free games offered are Destiny 2 and Bomberman R. Eventually, there is more to come with time. People who have a Gmail account can quickly try the new update on their iPhone or iPads. 

After the launch of Stadia, the streaming service has improved a lot. Initially, Stadia faced technical issues and economic hurdles. People did not use Stadia as their primary service initially because the cost of the service is higher than its benefits. Now the streaming service has improved a lot as it not only offers a free tier and free to play games but also gives access to high profile holiday releases. 

Due to Apple’s restrictions, Google says that the Stadia users have to follow some steps to use the application on their iPhones and iPads. These steps are explained in the image below by Google. 

Source: Google



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