My Forever Favorites Spotify

Here’s some fantastic news for all music fans. If you don’t want to pay for Spotify’s premium version, the Spotify free version now has more features. On Tuesday, the massive streaming music app announced that its free music edition will be updated with new features. These features will work on both Android and iOS devices. A new feature called “My Forever Favorites” allows anyone to share their favorite podcasts and tunes. This new version of Spotify allows users to create a playlist with their top five favorite podcast episodes or music, which can then be shared on social media.

Among the most noteworthy changes is the debut of 15 new on-demand playlists designed to cater to customers’ individual tastes, according to the company. Users can now play any tune from these playlists without having to wait for the app to shuffle the list for them.

This new function is available on IOS and Android smartphones, but it is also available on desktops if you use Spotify on your PC. If you can’t find My Forever Favorites on your computer, type Spotify: forever-favorites into the search field of the Spotify application.

Create Playlist Through My Forever Favorites Spotify Feature

If you want to make a playlist of your favorite music tracks and share it on social media, follow the steps below:

  • To begin, open the Spotify application and go to the “Home page.”
  • Then choose the playlist, My Forever Favorites.
  • Now look for music that you like and add them to your playlist.
  • Finally, click the “Share” option to share your favorite tunes on your preferred social media channels.

Aside from that, both premium and free Spotify users can access the new My Forever Favorite feature from anywhere in the world. To share your favorite podcasts and music with your friends and family, simply follow the easy steps outlined above.


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