Motorola is one of the well-renowned mobile companies around the world. In order to make technology more accessible, the company has added two more indigenous languages which are spoken in Latin America. Among the language options in Motorola phone devices, Kaingang and Nheengatu will be a part of them. People who have upgraded their Motorola phones to Android 11 will be able to have access to these languages. Therefore, this option is not limited to the people with latest Motorola models.

Motorola’s Executive Director, Janine Oliveira told The Verge:

“We believe that this initiative will raise awareness towards language revitalization, not only will impact the communities that we’re working directly with, but right now we’re in the process of open sourcing all that language data from Android into Unicode.”

The Kaingang language in Latin America comes from an agricultural community of the people living in the Southeastern Brazil. According to the findings of Motorola, half of the southeastern community still speaks this language. Since the children no more learn this language as their first language, this language is termed as endangered.

The Nheengatu language is a language spoken by the people of Nheengatu community. Approximately 6000 people in this community still speaks this language, therefore, this language is also considered extremely endangered by UNESCO.

Both these communities rely significantly on the mobile technology despite not having a reliable access to internet. In schools, teachers make use of their mobile phones to teach children. Therefore, this updated feature will now definitely help the teachers and students through the learning process.

It is good to see that the company is focusing on Brazil. This is also mainly due to the fact that Motorola has a 21% of the market share in this country which is ahead of Apple but second to Samsung. Although, this is not going to give a huge return on investment to the company, but it will definitely attract a large number of users to use their devices. This will also help other tech companies to consider this initiative and will help preserve the culture and traditions through technology.


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