Motorola 200MP Camera Phone

The ISOCELL HP1 sensor from Samsung is the world’s first 200MP smartphone camera sensor. It was supposed to arrive with the Xiaomi 12 series, however, subsequent sources indicate that this is not the case.

Ice Universe, a popular tipster, predicts that Xiaomi will not be the first to release a phone with a 200MP camera and that it will not even be a Samsung phone. Instead, Motorola will release the first smartphone with 200 megapixels.

Motorola isn’t known for being the first to introduce new camera technology to its smartphones, so this comes as a surprise. Samsung and Xiaomi phones are frequently the first to get new camera sensors, chipsets, and screens. However, it appears that Motorola intends to boost its game next year in order to create headlines.

The information also comes from a reputable source who has a track record of being accurate with his disclosures, so we can assume it’s true. However, because this is still a leak, we advise that you take this information with a grain of salt.

In the case of Samsung, we may have to wait until 2023 for a phone with a 200MP camera. Given how much strain a 200MP sensor would put on the phone’s Image Signal Processor, it’s possible we’ll see it on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (ISP). Future chipsets will very certainly be able to handle this.


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