Apple updates security policies
Image by: Daniel Romero

With the launch of iOS 14, Apple has updated their privacy policies. With the update in privacy policies, it has become easier for Apple users to protect their Apple account, devices and data. Recently, Apple has posted an update related to how to protect devices and data.

If the user follows the guide, Apple has explained each and every step in detail. With the help of this guide, users can check that which devices and services are linked with their Apple account. Users can aslo review their account security and Face ID in order to ensure privacy. Therefore, Apple has recommeded some settings which will be viewing in this article.

Want to check which devices and services are linked to your Apple account? There are many ways through which you can check which devices and services are linked to your Apple account. One of the mainstream methods is to log in and sign in with your Apple account credentials. If you have your Mac, iPad or iPhone in hand, you can even check this by going to the settings. See below:

On your Macbook you can see which devices are connected by simply clicking on system preferences -> Apple ID

If you want to review the security settings of your Apple devices, Apple recommends the universal method by logging in to and then signing in with Apple ID. In the security section you can check for any issue and view security settings such as Two-Fact Authentication.

To review your touch ID, Face ID and passcode settings, go to settings -> Face ID & Passcode option. 


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