IsoHunt originated as a BitTorrent site in 2003. This is an online torrent service that is part of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Online, on the other hand, is a collection of torrent files in the music genre, as well as photographs, movies, databases, software, services, and applications.

In this instance, visitors to Iso Hunts can search torrents indefinitely and download as many torrents as they like in the files form. Through its website, IsoHunt indirectly entertains millions of torrents by providing simple methods for downloading torrents on a daily basis.

Several people, who desire to submit their files via Torrent, as Iso Hunt has an application for doing so? The policy on torrent file-sharing does not end with the torrent file upload system. Iso Hunt gives its customers the possibility of creating and distributing torrent files, among other things. It’s the full torrent service provider system of IsoHunts.

What Is IsoHunt?

Iso Hunt was a torrent file search engine that let users browse, download, upload, and search torrent files from a variety of genres, mostly entertainment., the first site, advertised itself as “the most advanced BitTorrent search engine.”

Despite the fact that IsoHunt was shut down in October 2013 owing to legal action from the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) for breaking copyright restrictions, it has always been one of the most well-known sites for surfing torrents.


1: 1337X

In recent years, the 1337X has become one of the most popular torrent sites. Its vast library of material includes the latest recent films, games, books, videos, music, and more. Their user interface is also rather nice, with well-labeled parts.

Visit Website:


eztv unblocked

RARBG is a website with a lot of precision. Almost all of its stuff is trustworthy and available for free download. This website is really simple and user-friendly. That website’s entertainment content is always current, with new movies being published on a regular basis.

Visit Website:

3: YTS

YTS is a peer-to-peer distributed network that offers high-quality movies for free download. Their releases were notable for having high-quality video in a short file size, which attracted a huge number of downloaders.

Visit Website:


1337x to

The ETTV is a website that features a searchable tracker index as well as file-sharing-related discussion boards. Furthermore, the website hosts a vast library of content ranging from movies and games to TV series and much more.

The categories, which span multiple genres, are similar to those found on the original Choosing any torrent from these websites, on the other hand, will redirect you to a new page where you’ll be required to download their torrent programme.

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rarbg proxy

One of the most well-known and widely utilized torrent proxies is this one. The EZTV web index can be accessed through a variety of intermediaries. There are also a number of various web crawlers that may help you locate the files or movies you seek.

Visit Website:

6: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is widely regarded as the internet’s best torrent site which can use as isohunt alternative. It’s also the world’s oldest torrent website. Although it took a long time to get to the internet, it today has the greatest number of users. It has a wide range of users, from novices to pros.

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7: ExtraTorrent

It is a digital entertainment, media, and software index. According to BitTorrents indexes, Extra Torrent is one of the top five torrenting websites in the world. It contains a wide library of modern high-definition movies, games, television shows, and much more.

Visit Website:

8: LimeTorrents

eztv series

LimeTorrents isn’t a torrent tracker. It’s more of a torrent file search engine than anything else. Their database, on the other hand, is made up of torrent websites from all around the world. As a result, finding any torrent file that you couldn’t locate on other sites is now incredibly straightforward.

Visit Website:

9: Torlock

Torlock provides high-quality movie torrents as well as a variety of other torrent files in a variety of categories, including movies, anime, eBooks, and television episodes. You can download any torrent file without any issues right away. The site’s interface also shows the health score of any torrent files, which you can use to see how active they are.

Visit Website:

10: KickassTorrents

eztv. re

For over a decade, KickassTorrents has been a trustworthy choice among torrents, and it is still going strong. Although it is currently restricted in some countries, such as Australia, we discovered that utilizing a Virtual Private Network, we could access it from anywhere in the globe (VPN).

Visit Website:

Conclusion:, the first IsoHunt website, was a game-changer in the online world. It received a huge amount of attention. This was owing to both the substance and the user-friendly design. Since its demise, a slew of new IsoHunt mirror/proxy sites have popped up. People can unblock these sites by utilizing the proxy described above, despite the fact that many of them are blocked in various areas.


Why Was IsoHunt Blocked?

The law was halted after the executives uncovered it in record time. It was also unable to meet the demands of its users. Despite the fact that IsoHunt to lacked a copyright database model, it pointed consumers to a website that did.

Is It Worth To Use IsoHunt Proxy?

IsoHunt was launched over a decade ago if you want to collaborate with large torrent websites, and you’ll be unhappy with the outcomes. Well,

Current versions, transcripts, and shutdown have all been reached by many big brands. This also holds true for Iso Hunt. The IsoHunt proxy has the advantage of allowing you to find fantastic material while eliminating irritation.


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