Instagram Story Background

Instagram stories allow you to share your favorite moments with your followers. IG stories allow you to be creative while still having a lot of fun. Due to the restricted capabilities for interaction between users and their cellphones, This uses a combination of taps, holds, and swipes to maximize the experience.

Here’s all you should know about changing the Instagram Story Background color:

How To Change The Instagram Story Background Color

When you add a photo to a single story, the app will make the screen’s background the same out-of-focus photo.

As a result, the photo will become the major focal point. The photo, on the other hand, might stand out more if it were in a different hue. Simply follow these procedures to alter the background color:

  • Go to the Instagram application.
  • To open the camera, swipe to the right.
  • Take any photograph.
  • Select the draw option.
  • Choose one of the basic color options from the pen tool. The pen symbol functions similarly to a standard brush icon. The eraser icon can be seen on the opposite side of it. The dropper tool is the bar at the bottom.
  • With a finger, long-press the Instagram story.
  • The background color should now be solid. The chosen color tint will take over the image if you use this strategy.

How To Change the Background Color with the Create tool

Instagram’s Create Tool is a tool that allows users to create beautiful screen backgrounds. They include a variety of textures, colors, and are simple to use. Here’s how to incorporate these settings into your stories:

  • Go to the Instagram story.
  • Tap the create tool on the left.
  • Click the circle icon in the bottom right side
  • Select a color of your choice.
  • Save the Instagram background to your computer.
  • Add a background image to the page.
  • Upload the solid backdrop using the picture sticker. Also, read How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat.

Our Last Words:

It’s not difficult to add backgrounds to your Instagram Stories, whether you want a simple colored arrangement or a specific image. Here, creativity is key, especially when it comes to making your Instagram Story/Stories stand out and catch people’s attention. With all the options Instagram offers, it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll improve the appeal of your Stories and, as a result, gain more followers or engage with them more.


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