Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild, one of the NHL’s youngest franchises, has a history of surprising major teams and upsetting them. This year, they’re having another strong season and could be a surprise selection to enter the playoffs. The Wild have been generating a lot of noise lately, so keep an eye on how they do in the NHL this season.

The Minnesota Wild, which was founded in 2000, is one of the few teams that have yet to win the Stanley Cup. In the 2002/03 season, they came dangerously close to reaching the Western Conference Finals for the first and only time. Since then, they’ve made the playoffs on a regular basis but have never come close to claiming the beautiful sport’s ultimate prize.

So, if you’re a Minnesota Wild fan who wants to watch their thrilling NHL games this season, we’ve got you covered. We have all the details on how and where you can watch all of their NHL games live right here. Also, read How to Watch Memphis Grizzlies Matches Online.

How to Watch In-Market Games

Fans of the Minnesota Wild in the In-Market zones can watch the games live on Bally Sports North, a local television station. Bally Sports Wisconsin broadcasts certain games live. Both of these networks can be found on cable television and through one streaming service.

  • Minnesota Wild fans living in In-Market zones can watch the team’s games live via DirecTV Stream. Bally Sports North and Bally Sports Wisconsin are among the channels available. It also has national sports broadcasting channels such as ESPN, TNT, and ABC. With this streaming service, viewers will not miss a single minute of activity.

How to Watch Out-of-Market Games?

Minnesota Wild games can also be streamed live to fans in out-of-market areas. However, finding precise and clear information on when and where the games are televised can be challenging at times. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The following is a list of some top streaming options for watching Minnesota Wild NHL games live, even if you live outside the market. Also, read How to Watch Detroit Red Wings Matches.

  • We’ll start with ESPN+, which is an excellent alternative for NHL fans, particularly those who live in out-of-market areas. Because ESPN+ has a deal to broadcast over 1000 games live each season, this is the case. Every Out-of-Market game featuring all 32 NHL teams is included in their rights package. Starting this season, this streaming service will show more than 75 unique NHL games across the country, featuring all 32 teams.
  • Hulu + Live TV offers over 60 premium channels, including several exceptional NHL selections. ESPN, TNT, Hulu Originals, and ABC are among the channels accessible on this streaming service, and they will all broadcast Minnesota Wild games live this season. You’ll gain access to both Hulu’s live-streaming TV service and all of its on-demand video material if you sign up for this.

Minnesota Wild Schedule 2021-22

Feb 2, 2022: Vs Blackhawks
Feb 8, 2022: Vs Jets
Feb 12, 2022: Vs Hurricanes
Feb 14, 2022: Vs Red Wings
Feb 16, 2022: Vs Jets
Feb 18, 2022: Vs Panthers
Feb 20, 2022: Vs Oilers
Feb 22, 2022: Vs Senators
Feb 24, 2022: Vs Maple Leafs
Feb 26, 2022: Vs Flames
Mar 1, 2022: Vs Flames
Mar 3, 2022: Vs Flyers
Mar 4, 2022: Vs Sabres
Mar 6, 2022: Vs Stars
Mar 8, 2022: Vs angers
Mar 10, 2022: Vs Red Wings
Mar 11, 2022: Vs Blue Jackets
Mar 13, 2022: Vs Predators
Mar 16, 2022: Vs Bruins
Mar 19, 2022: Vs Blackhawks
Mar 21, 2022: Vs Golden Knights
Mar 24, 2022: Vs Canucks
Mar 26, 2022: Vs Blue Jackets
Mar 27, 2022: Vs Avalanche
Mar 29, 2022: Vs Flyers
Mar 31, 2022: Vs Penguins
Apr 2, 2022: Vs Hurricanes
Apr 3, 2022: Vs Capitals
Apr 5, 2022: Vs Predators
Apr 8, 2022: Vs Blues
Apr 10, 2022: Vs Kings
Apr 12, 2022: Vs Oilers
Apr 14, 2022: Vs Stars
Apr 16, 2022: Vs Blues
Apr 17, 2022: Vs Sharks
Apr 19, 2022: Vs Canadiens
Apr 21, 2022: Vs Canucks
Apr 22, 2022: Vs Kraken
Apr 24, 2022: Vs Predators
Apr 26, 2022: Vs Coyotes
Apr 28, 2022: Vs Flames
Apr 29, 2022: Vs Avalanche


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