How To Remove Pop Socket

Popsockets are a popular phone accessory, particularly among the younger population. They’re perfect for holding your phone with one hand and putting it down on a flat surface. However, if you want to change your phone or cover, you’ll need to remove the pop socket from your existing device.

In this article, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on How To Remove Pop Socket in the simplest method possible. Also, read How To Fix Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Error.

What are PopSockets?

A pop socket is a circular plastic phone accessory that attaches to the phone’s backside. The sticky material that comes with the Popsocket sticks to your phone. Pop Socket gets its name from the fact that you can pop them out twice, like a miniature accordion.
It gives you a secure grip so you can use one hand to hold your phone. You may also use them as a stand-alone device to view your favorite movie or TV show on your smartphone. Also, read How To Fix If Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On.

Can Pop Sockets Use Again?

Some pop socket adhesives are made in such a way that they can be reused. Apart from that, they are merely a one-time phone attachment. When you remove a pop socket, the adhesive material on it will be gone.

Why should use Pop sockets?

Pop sockets are phone attachments that will not harm your phone if you use them. Overall, they improve the naturalness of your phone usage experience. Are you considering purchasing a popsocket for your phone? The following are some reasons why you should purchase these items:

  • They provide an extra grip for your Smartphone and a secure grasp once you’re outside. It is especially handy for individuals who have a Smartphone with a larger screen.
  • You can capture picture-perfect selfies with popsockets. When we shoot a selfie, our hands usually stutter. You may snap a stunning image for your social media post using a pop socket.
  • Pop sockets can also be used as a stand for your smartphone. You can view your favorite movie without interruption by leaning your device in landscape mode. Also, read How To Fix Twitch Error 2000.

How To Remove Pop Socket

Let’s move on to the second section now that we’ve understood what pop sockets are and some of the highlighted benefits they provide. Taking out a popsocket is a simple task. They usually come with an adhesive material that doesn’t stick to your skin when you pull it off. The steps of removing the pop socket are as follows.

  1. Double-layer your pop socket against the rear of your phone.
  2. Lift the popsocket away from your phone as much as possible. During the process, you can use your fingers, cardboard, or any other solid material. Make sure you attempt things from multiple angles.
  3. Pull the Pop socket away from your smartphone with care.
  4. Remove any remaining gel from the back of your phone (or case). To use the pop socket for the second time, soak it in tap water for 3-4 minutes.
  5. The simplest method for removing the pop socket from your gadget is to do so in this manner. If you use too much force to remove it, you can damage the color of your phone. To use the pop socket for the second time, simply rinse it for an hour. Your phone will be free of any popsocket after completing the steps. Now you can use it on another case or add it to your favorite. Also, read How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error.


Pop Socket Is Waterproof?

Some pop sockets are labeled as watertight. The adhesive is usually water-resistant and lasts for a long time.

Can Pop Socket used in a car?

Special pop sockets are provided for use in automobiles. They come with a magnetic stage that mounts to your dashboard instantly.

How to fix a pop socket If it won’t stick on your phone?

For a few seconds, submerge the pop socket in water. Allow the water to evaporate from the surface before testing it on your smartphone. If the problem persists, you can request a replacement.


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