How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments (1)

Are you a Reddit user who frequently visits Reddit postings to discover answers to typical issues? The worst thing about Reddit is that every time a link is clicked, an error message frequently appears stating that the post has been relocated or deleted. Before we get started, enlighten us as to what Reddit is, how to access deleted Reddit articles from 2022, and how to view deleted Reddit comments.

Deleted Reddit Comments and Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is a wonderful trove of the most recent leaks, tips, and tactics, as well as tonnes and years’ worth of knowledge. There are times when a post or comment contained a lot of information that you were eager to learn, but Reddit removed it for a specific reason. After not finding what we were deleted reddit posts searching for, it leaves us inquisitive and frustrated.

Reddit has no specific justification for removing the remark or the post. Sometimes the bot deleted the comment because the platform deemed it to be spam or irrelevant. Sometimes the moderators take down comments or posts because they believe the content is offensive or doesn’t adhere to the rules of the particular subreddit. You can request that the moderator restore the post.

Due to the platform’s high volume of users, the Subreddit’s moderators and administrators cannot keep up with all the comments and postings. The platform has introduced us to the auto-flagging moderator bot, which automatically deletes the comment or post on their behalf, to streamline the work of the moderators.

How to Read Deleted Reddit Comments

  • Copying the Reddit thread’s link is the first step.
  • Open Reddit and go to the thread where the comment is located to do this.
  • “Comment deleted by user,” will be used to denote deleted comments.
  • You can now either copy the comment’s URL or the thread’s URL.
  • Highlight the thread’s URL and select “Copy” if you wish to copy it.
  • Click on the date, highlight the URL, and select “Copy” if you wish to copy the URL of the comment.
  • Most of the time, you ought to copy the thread’s URL rather than the remark.
  • This is so because a topic on Reddit has a higher chance of being indexed than a comment does.
  • The length of the comment is the only issue.
  • The comment may be cut off if it is too long when you see an archive of it later.

How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts

  • Go to the user’s deleted Reddit posts page.
  • Get the URL of the Reddit post that was removed.
  • Obtain the URL
  • The URL you just copied should be pasted.
  • Then select “Browse History.”
  • Choose the time and date just before the post was removed.
  • See the Reddit post that was removed.

Is It Legal?

All archived posts and comments were made public by their authors, whether they had been removed or not. That suggests that the user was aware that the content was stored and made publically accessible in the databases these programs use to retrieve it.

It is acceptable to preserve Reddit information in this way, to put it simply. As long as the information was gathered lawfully using these technologies, viewing deleted Reddit posts and comments shouldn’t be subject to any legal ramifications.

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