How To Print From Safari iOS

Printing to PDF is a simple way to save a 1:1 digital duplicate of the documents and websites you use daily while maintaining the content and layout of your current viewing. Although you don’t print anything, the concept is that a PDF¬†file is instead stored that perfectly replicates what would have appeared on paper if you had sent a task to a real printer.

The fact that Print to PDF, or Save to PDF as it is frequently called, is available by default in many programs is a significant benefit. Apps only need to support the standard printing functionalities; they are not required to support PDF output. This indicates that many iOS and Mac apps support Save to PDF.

Apple adds print functionality in Mail, Pictures, Notes, Maps, and Safari, to name a few system apps. Most third-party apps, especially those geared towards productivity, support AirPrint well. Printing is available to all Mac users.

How To Print On iPhone

Any app that supports AirPrint will support printing to PDF from an iPhone. This is because PDF saving choices are concealed behind the standard printing modal interface.

From app to app, the precise location of the Print button varies. At the bottom row of most programs that expose a system share sheet, there is typically a Print action. Some applications have unique menus that display a print button.

  • Open the Print UI in an AirPrint-compatible app to see the default system sheet.
  • Choose monochromatic output as needed to customize the rendering choices further. Below these controls will be a preview of the document.
  • Press firmly on the preview on an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, such as the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, to make it enlarge and fill the screen. Do a pinch-out motion on an older iPhone if it lacks a pressure-sensitive display. To do this, spread your fingers widely and place two fingertips on the thumbnails of the page.
  • Tap the screen once to expose the toolbar containing the Share button while in full-screen preview mode.
  • At the bottom left corner of the screen, tap the Share icon. You can access the system share sheet, which displays several options for saving the PDF depending on the apps you have set up on your phone.
  • Choose the Add to iCloud Drive action to save as a PDF. This will create a PDF copy of the printing that you may import into other apps and store in your iCloud document storage.

How To Print On Mac

Open any app that supports printing from macOS. This may be an email message from Mail, an Office document in Preview, a Keynote deck in iWork, or numerous other possibilities. We’ll use Safari to save a website to PDF as our example.

  • The modal sheet will be displayed when you select Print from the File option in the menubar.
  • As you would for a typical print job, check the formatting and margins.
  • Choose the page range you want to preserve, then change any other settings. When you save it as a PDF, any changes you make here, such as printing in monochrome or with multiple pages per sheet, will also be reflected.
  • At the sheet’s lower-left corner, click the PDF button. This displays a submenu of choices.
  • The second menu selection, Save as PDF, is the easiest way to “Print to PDF.”
  • Choose this, and macOS will save a rendered PDF to the location you specify in the file system.
  • Whether you want to send the PDF as an email attachment, an iMessage to a contact, or directly to iCloud Drive, the other menu options provide some handy shortcuts.



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