how to make a public profile on snapchat

Snapchat plans to make its public profile feature available to everyone in late 2020 in an effort to attract new artists. Users can use the feature to grow their fan base on the platform and reach more people. To make your public profile Snapchat, follow these three simple steps. If you want to how to make a public profile on Snapchat, this is how you can do it. We have also explained what Snapchat public accounts are and what you need to do to get one. With that, let’s start right away.

What is a Public Profile Snapchat?

In Snapchat, having a public profile helps your account be seen by more people. With a public profile, you can add a picture, a bio, a description, a location, Stories, and Lenses to your profile. You can also make your profile public. In addition, other Snapchat users can follow your account. Not at all. On your profile, you’ll see a separate number that’s different from the number of people who follow you on Snapchat. Users can also see “a unique set of profile features” when they visit your public profile.

These features can show off your creativity and get a lot of new fans for your content.
Public profiles were once only available to people who had been approved by the company. The company has since made the feature available to everyone. This type of account is still available for people who have a lot of followers, have a week-old account, and have a friend. Snapchat still has this “Creator Account” type. Also, read How to Delete Google Voice Number.

Why I can’t make a public profile on Snapchat?

Few things you need to do before you can make your Snapchat account public. You can’t make your Snapchat profile public if you are younger than 18, haven’t used Snapchat for more than 24 hours, don’t have more than one bi-directional friend, or don’t follow the community rules.

How to Get a Public Profile on Snapchat?

  • Open the Snapchat app. Click Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen to start making your own Bitmoji. Take a look at your profile. When it opens, tap the horizontal three-dot menu that’s next to “Add to Spotlight” under “Spotlight and Snap Map.”
  • From the pop-up that comes up, choose “Create Public Profile.” Then, on the onboarding screen, click “Continue” to move on.
  • It’s time to click on “Get Started” and then click “Create.” When you post a Snap to Spotlight or Snap Map, your name will be shown on all of your other Snaps. Also, your Lenses will show up on your public profile, so people can see them.
  • Finally, you’re done. If you look in the “Public Profiles” section, you can see your public profile. In this screenshot, you can see the Stories and Spotlight tabs when you open the “My Public Profile” area. Also, read How to Delete Snapchat Account.

How to Delete Snapchat Public Profile?

If you don’t want to keep your public profile on Snapchat, you can choose to delete it. Here are the steps:

  • You can do this by pressing the Bitmoji icon at the top left corner of the screen. Then, you can see your profile. In the next step, move on to “My Public Profile.” Here, you need to click on the Settings gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • From your profile settings page, click “Delete Public Profile” at the bottom of the screen. Then, click “Delete” in the confirmation message to remove your public profile. So that’s it. You will be able to delete your public account on this short-lived messaging service.



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