how to change spotify playlist picture

Spotify has steadily risen to become the world’s most popular music app, and it reigns supreme when it comes to playlists.

User-made playlists are becoming increasingly popular; they are a collection of well picked music that serves as a soundtrack for everyday living. Apart from the music, the cover image is what makes or breaks a Spotify playlist.

Playlist cover pictures give each playlist a unique feel and establish the tone for the songs. The Spotify playlist cover photo is by default a collage of the artists on the list, but you can alter it.

Here’s all you should know about changing the playlist cover art if you want to give your playlist a little more personality.

How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture

How to Change on Phone:

  • Go to the Spotify application.
  • Click on Your Library in the bottom left corner.
  • To see your playlist options, go to the top left, below Your Library, and click on the playlist option.
  • Look for the personalized playlist you’ve made.
  • Select the three-dot.
  • Edit the playlist by tapping it.
  • Change the image by tapping on it.
  • Select a picture from your library or you can take a new one.
  • In the top right corner, tap Save.

How to Change on the Desktop Computer:

  • Open the Spotify application.
  • To access each playlist, go to the left-hand menu and select Your Library.
  • Choose a playlist.
  • Choose the three dots.
  • To navigate to the edit playlist page, click on edit details.
  • Change the image of the Spotify playlist cover by clicking on it.
  • Choose a new cover image for your playlist. Also, read How to Change Snapchat Username.


How to Find Spotify Playlists?

Go to the search field, type the genre or artist you want to hear, select the playlist option, and wait for the results to appear.

How to Put a Picture on Spotify Playlist?

Simply click on the cover image, and you’ll be able to choose a new image for the playlist as long as it’s yours.


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