How Many Followers on Tiktok to go live

Tiktok’s live videos are one of the platform’s most popular features, garnering millions of users from all around the world. TikTok users hold live sessions to raise money, interact with their audience, and just have fun.

Whether you’re going to go live for the first time or want to learn more about Tiktok’s live features, this is the place to be.

Why Should You Use TikTok Live?

One of the fastest-growing sectors is live video streaming. It is valued at more than $30 billion in the United States. Tiktok is no exception, as it capitalizes on the live-streaming phenomenon.

At the center stage, people prefer real-time connections with their favorite influencers. When you go live, you’re raising brand recognition, building a community, and allowing viewers to earn gift points in your account.

If you’re over the age of 18, your followers can send you virtual gifts that you can exchange for real money. When you broadcast directly to your audience, you may establish a more genuine and personal relationship with them. Going live on Tiktok is another wonderful technique to gain fame on Tiktok.

How to Go Live on TikTok?

If you’ve never used TikTok before and want to start generating videos, here are direct URLs to each platform’s TikTok app:

Google PlayStore
App Store

Following installation, the following are the exact procedures to live broadcast on both Android and iOS devices:

  • Go to TikTok.
  • Then, click the create icon.
  • Tap LIVE under the record button.
  • A preview screen will appear.

You can adjust the video’s settings by tapping on the three-dot menu in the center of your screen. You’ll be able to perform tasks such as:

  • Moderators with the ability to filter comments and mute viewers should be added.
  • Effects can be added.
  • Choose a co-host. You can end the stream by tapping the X in the top left corner of your screen after you’ve finished watching it.

How to Go Live With Someone?

You’re definitely thinking about going live on Tiktok with a friend and live streaming to your followers. You can have a co-host and moderators in addition to the live host. An extra host will help you reach a larger audience, while the moderators will focus on the comments.

Requirements for Tiktok Go Live

We understand that all of these things sound fantastic, but we have some bad news for you. The LIVE feature beneath the camera symbol may not always be available. This is due to the fact that you must meet certain conditions. You must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 1000 followers.

We can’t help you turn 18 any faster, but staying active on the platform is a good way to grow your following. If you have more than 1,000 followers and don’t LIVE yet, you’ll have to ask TikTok directly to activate it.


How Many Followers on TikTok to go live?

To go live on Tiktok and receive virtual presents, you must have at least 1000 followers.

How long you can go live on Tiktok?

The duration of live streams on TikTok is unrestricted. It’s best if you keep it under an hour.

Can we record audio during Tiktok live?

No, the Go Live option will be unavailable when capturing audio from third parties.


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