HBO Max Error Code 905

HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service that was introduced in the United States in the year 2020. It provides an extensive collection of films, web series, television programs, sports, and documentaries. Warner Bros. and Discovery own it, and it is only available in the United States. Many users see HBO Max Error Code 905 when attempting to launch this application on their mobile devices. This issue prevented users from utilizing the application. This post will assist you in resolving the error code 905 that occurs when opening the HBO Max app.

What is HBO Max Error Code 905?

This HBO Max Error prevents fans from accessing any streaming-related services. any users of this popular OTT are experiencing this error.

Why Does This Error Occur?

Here are several potential causes of HBO Max Error Code 905:

  • HBO Max service interruption.
  • Utilizing the old HBO Max app.
  • There is an issue with the HBO Max application.
  • HBO Max is unavailable in your region.
  • Unreliable or poor Internet connectivity.

How to Fix HBO Max Error Code 905

Clear Data

It is possible to enhance the performance of an application by erasing its data and eliminating certain concerns. When you clean the app’s data, it will also delete your account and all connected information. But, you may log in again. Also, read How to Change Snapchat Username.

Check Internet Connection

There may also be an issue on your end, such as a weak internet connection. Your internet service provider may be experiencing problems, resulting in a decrease in internet speed. Open your online browser, search for something, and see how long it takes for the page to load. Various internet speed checkers are accessible online for your use. If the connection is slow, restart your modem and retry.

Clear Cache

If you are using HBO Max on your mobile phone, you can try deleting the app’s cache by heading to the phone’s settings and selecting “App” to locate the HBO Max app. Launch the HBO Max Option to clear the cache. After clearing the cache, launch the application.

Disconnect Your VPN

Since HBO Max is only available in the United States and some U.S. regions, many users outside the U.S. utilize VPN to disguise their location in order to view their favorite television shows, films, and exclusive content.

If you cannot access the HBO Max app and receive error code 905 when connecting to a VPN, it is possible that HBP is banning connections from VPN servers. You can thus try deactivating the VPN connection and relaunching the application. Also, read How to Access MyLoweslife Login.

Restart Your App

If the issue persists, close the program and resume it after some time. If the problem persists, restart your phone and launch the app. If the issue persists, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the app store.

This advice may have helped you resolve this issue, allowing you to utilize HBO Max’s features and services. If the issue persists after trying these solutions, you can contact the HBO Max Support staff for assistance.


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