Google Pixel 4A 5G

Soon Google is launching an unlocked version of Google Pixel 4A 5G which will be available in white. Previously, the unlocked version has only been available in black. The white version was available to Verizon users only earlier and was expensive. The price is expensive because it consists of milimeter wave 5G. Now very soon, Google will be releasing the unlocked version of Google Pixel 4A 5G for the people who do not wish to pay mmWave tax. It will be a standard $499 Google Pixel 4A 5G phone.

This is not a rumor because Google has recently confirmed The Verge that it will start shipping Google Pixel 4A phones from 28th January 2021. With respect to its appearance, it is similar to the Verizon version with a power button in mint green colour. Surprisingly you will be also getting sub-6 5G in the same standard price.

During the holidays, there were some pretty decent discounts on Google Pixel 4A. Some of the information is given below regarding the Google Pixel phones

Google Pixel 5 is priced @ $699; it is available in Green and Black colours

Google Pixel 4 is priced @ $399; it is available in Black and Blue (exculsively at Google Store) colours.

Google Pixel 4A 5G Shipping Date: 28th January 2021.


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