Google has announced that after testing the dark mode for Google Maps for a few months now, it will roll out the feature globally. This means that with the new dark theme, Android users will be able to enjoy it on Google Maps application. The dark mode aims at enhancing the experience of Android users.

The new dark theme on Google Maps will help save the battery of the phone and also causes less strain on the eyes. There are other new features announced such as expansion of password checkup to Android handsets and other updates to Android Auto.

Enable Google Maps Dark Mode

Follow the steps below to enable dark mode on Google Maps

  1. Download and Install the updated version of Google Maps from Play Store
  2. Open the Google Maps application and go to Settings
  3. Tap on Theme
  4. Choose ‘always in dark theme’ in order to switch to the new dark mode
  5. To turn off the dark mode, go back to settings -> tap on theme and choose ‘always in light theme’

The dark mode feature is a part of the updates coming to Android. Currently, it is not confirmed that when this feature will roll out on iPhones.


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