In January, Google Fi will cease non-VoLTE phones and will be encouraging customers to upgrade their 3G phones. VoLTE stands for ‘Voice over LTE’ which the technology dealing with LTE cellular connectivity. It is even an older than 3G. Google Fi is offering $100 discount which is for both new and exisitng Google Fi customers.

The phones which lack VoLTE will be automatically deactivated in January and if users wish to reset their phones, they will not find cellular connectivity. As a result, they would have to order a new device. Until then, their phones will be out of service.

Since T-Mobiles have already introduced its plans to help users with non-VoLTE phones, Google FI also has to do the same as an MVNO. VoLTE drops in connection sometimes which might become a problem for users.

There is no final date for the Google Fi offer, but it is better for the users to avail it as soon as possible, before January 2021.

If you are upgrading your phone to a higher cell service, it means better cellular connectivity, hence better speed. It also prolongs the usability of the phone. To qualify for the $100 discount;

  • Have an active Google Fi service with the same email address from which you have activated your phone.
  • Within 30 days of shipment’s confirmation email, activate your Moto G7
  • During the checkout, the discount voucher will be automatically applied
  • If you do not meet the above stated conditions, the discounted voucher will be added to Google payment account in order to match the full price.

The offer is valid till the supplies last or until the promotion is live. There is no fixed date for the promotion to end. The discount offered by Google Fi is not cash equivalent and is only available to US residents of age 18 years or older. Having a Google Fi and Google payment account is must.


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